Friday, June 27, 2008

My new Nephews!

Ethiopian Children

I am a happy uncle right now!
My sister has been working hard with her husband to adopt these two amazing boys.
It took them months to get everything perfect, from legal documents, to court dates, to coordinating with what probably seemed like 60 people.
I would have been in Ethiopia with them right now! I booked a flight out to document this exciting time for our family! But plans changed and they came back to the states as soon as they possibly could. Something about being sick and being in a third world country for an extended period of time can wear you out. So, I had to cancel my flight... I'm still very disappointed and sad I couldn't be there... but Daniel (known for his studly web design skills) captured some great images of their trip.
Here are a few pictures of my wonderful Sister, her Husband, my niece and their amazing journey adopting 2 brothers from Ethiopia.

My sister is amazing!

The new boys, I can't wait to meet them!

I've heard he's quite the ham. Always looking to get a laugh... and he'll get them if I can help it.


This is quite the man. I don't know what our family would do without him.

My Sis and her boys, she's extremely happy here, I can tell.

Perfect brothers.

I can't wait to meet my new nephews! End of July I'll be heading up there to have some family time.
PHOTOS: Daniel Fairbanks (Good work documenting Daniel!). His site HERE (Amazing web designer)


Becky said...

Truly...they are an amazing family. The photos are beautiful...I love the last one. My two year old exclaimed, "Wiam and Dude!"

Anonymous said...

You need to air brush my acne, the real reason we came home was because I needed a facial..and an appointment to a dermatologist, women came up to me and asked me what was all over my face. I was like I have no idea..
Ha and I thought Sol had Pneumonia and I had asthmatic bronchitis, and travelers know what..

Shawn said...

beautiful and diverse family