Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poor lakers

We(they) played horribly tonight.
They lost 131-92.
All we can do is look to next season.
We did good this season...we made it far, Lakers really made me more of a fan. I'm looking into season tickets next year.

Here are the changes I would recommend for next season.
TRADE: Radmanovic.
get rid of D.J Mbanga
Get Josh Childress... I like him.

Get Bynum back. We have a good season ahead of us.
Good job Celtics for dominating us on the boards and on the steals. We turned over the basketball too many times!
Paul Pierce. I can't stand you.

I almost got in a huge fight at the restaurant I was at. everyone started cheering for the celtics with about 30 seconds remaining in the game... I turned around and said "Oh now your celtics fans??? Go back to Boston you idiots!" the big man at the bar who looked like he was a mix between a sumo and karate fighter told me I was more gay then the lesbians that I was yelling at...so I told him to meet me in the back where we could hash this out like men... I paid my bill and he was no where to be found. where is Ralph when I need him.

Lakers, how can you lose so bad??? I even bought an original 1980's T-shirt with your logo all over it!!! You let me down!

Now its time to get back in shape!!! No more taking nights off of the gym for Laker games. Time to get ripped!

I'm out...my heart is ripped out, this is my team, I've really been in a love affair and I'm sad to see it over...until next season.

The Rivalry is back!!!
Welcome back 80's.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that's exactly how it went at the restaurant Twinkle Toes! You sound like a huge fan.

The roles were reversed and Kobe was the one getting bent over last night!!!

Samuel Lippke said...

No, thats how it went at the resturant. Not sure what the twinkle toes was referring to... but I'll tell you one thing... you're writing a comment as "anonymous".Next time you decide to drop an insult, at least put your name on the end of it.
We'll see how it goes this year Mr.Anonymous coward.