Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G

Sleeker,Smoother,Faster,Sexier,More Attractive,GPS & its Cheaper!!!???

Where do I sign up to sell my current iPhone to China and pick up this new 3G version and maybe make a profit?
Unfortunately, I don't think it will be that easy and I'm guessing someone in China won't want my 8 month old iPhone dropped 3 times when there is a quicker one just around the corner still in the box! Looks like Apple won't be offering rebates/refunds for the 1st generation buyers either... From my perspective, we're getting kinda screwed over... we paid more and got less... what is Apple teaching their buyers? Don't buy it this time around, it will only get better AND sell for half price!!!

Should I hold off on the 3G and wait for the 4G to sell for $99? Or should I take advantage of the 3G's new GPS and 2.4x faster internet?

Still debating with my own brain.
Don't forget Californians! All of us need blue tooth devises if we're going to talk on the phone while driving, this will be in effect July 1st! So thats another $100 to plan for.

Apple, if your reading this... give out a rebate for your old faithful iPhone users, don't punish us, we've been plugging your products for as long as we've used them. I alone am responsible for getting over 10 people to switch to iPhones. Give us a rebate!

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E Trine said...

Seriously!!!! wtf.
I feel bad for my brother in law, Danny, who just bought his iphone last week. what a bummer.