Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mt.St.Helens Vietnam Band

This TUESDAY DECEMBER 3rd at "The Echo"
One of my favorite up and coming bands will be performing here in LA.
Please come out and show your support if at all possible. You'll love them! And I'll love you if you come!
Read Josiah's blog about the show HERE

Mt.St. Helens Vietnam Band
will blow your mind. Between having ridicules talent, their extremely down to earth and off the wall hilarious... watch the video below and you'll see what I mean.

Heres some much needed details.

The Echo
1822 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Starts at 8PM.

Ages 18+

Watch this will give you a taste of their style... which is off the wall and hilarious!

California Nightmares

MSHVB was my August Artist of the month. CLICK HERE for that blog.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adam's Project

I love this.
Adam did an excellent job of embodying a group of his friends (me included) individually expressing some chaos in these "Church Directory Photos"

Here is his blog post. Loose Luggage: "Long Beach People"

Danny Simon

Samuel Lippke

Adam Sjoberg

Monday, November 24, 2008

SX Time

Audrey and I just celebrated our 1 year together!
She got me this Polaroid Camera, its the original SX-70
I love it! When I photographed Shannon Leith a few weeks ago, she brought along her SX-70, I was Able to shoot some Polaroids with it. Coincidentally, Audrey just happened to get me one this past weekend!
Thanks Audrey!

Also, thanks to this BLOG for the image of the SX-70, taken with another SX-70. That blog is legit!
Another HUGE inspiration for wanting a polaroid is ERIC TRINE's "Polaroid a day"

Audrey's Gritty Shoot: "The Real Thing"

As I promised before, here are more images from Audrey's birthday shoot.
I love this concept of shooting for your birthday, using the pictures for invites, sending back to mom, or just adding to your portfolio.
I love these images.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The other end of the camera

This is me. This is what I like to do. Gritty.late 80's.Gold.
Wait till you see the rest.
Adam Sjoberg (prounounced Show-burg) is a great friend of mine and world traveler. He photographed me here... shortly after, I was shot for a project of his. I won't post those until he does for fear of running the surprise. HIS BLOG has some great stuff.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Erica's birthday part 2

I'm in love with this shot. Lindsay and Erica in their cocktail attire.

I know I know, I'm just being a tease to everyone that attended Erica's party. All of these sneak peak images and they aren't ONLINE to order yet!? All I can say is this... they're currently uploading and I'll post the link HERE when their all ready. Sound good?
For now, be teased again!


Erica getting ready to blow out her candles.

The dancefloor from above.

Yes, I dance on occasions like these.

getting wild.

in the corner. I love how bleak this shot feels...

Ceasar bustin some moves on the floor.

Lisa McCoy blowing kisses.

Get password from Erica or email me and I'll confirm it with her.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lose the flab, Run on Thanksgiving!

BELIEVE ME! You'll feel much much better when you eat pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving if you get the chance to run a few K's. Try 10 out for size and see what happens. Maybe you'll pass out...who cares! Its thanksgiving and there will be turkey and family and pumpkin pies waiting for you to come get out of your exhaustion coma.

So here whats going on and where to find info on running.
Believe me, its worth it... + like 4000 people dfo it, so it'll make the news and you can watch tyhat while your sipping on a thanksgiving beer.

I made this logo for it... cuz Justin Rudd is a good friend of mine and he puts it on every year. Wanna be like him? Start by running in his "Turkey Trot"


Will I run in it??? hmmm, I'm still debating...I like running like I enjoy driving home from Santa Barbara at 2 in the morning... yes, its quite the feat, but it was a 2 hour drive and I'm sleepy! Bring me to a basketball court and I'll hoop it up for 2 hours... but running? hmmm... maybe.

Canon Time: Can't wait!

Canon 5D Mark II.
I have one pre-ordered and ready to be owned by me.
Wanna know what it can do?
Either wait until I get one so I can show you...or go HERE and HERE for samples.

21.1 Megapixels?
HD video?
Self Cleaning sensor?
Full Frame?
New updated noise reduction?

I'm already getting giddy like an 11th grade girl going to prom with the varsity QB. or maybe like a marathon runner getting a sip of water at the end of a race? Either way, I'm excited and pumped and I'm feeling the heat... as soon as other people get their greasy little fingers on this camera, I'm going to have much more competition to get great images. Best digital camera yet!
Bring me the goods Canon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Erica's Dirty 30 "Sneak Peek"

Erica's 30!!!

Erica Hinshaw just turned 30 and she did it in style!
Celebrating with a "Dirty 30" theme, renting out the "Luce Loft" in Downtown San Diego, bringing in A band, A DJ, an incredible event designer, A great friend to help her out with linens (Brooke got the hook up from White Lilac Inc.), a caterer and myself to shoot the event!
I think she had a great time all night. Her and her friends are extremely attractive, so it made my job much easier.
Here is your SNEAK PEEK of her birthday bash. Enjoy!

All images will be put on a website for your viewing and ordering pleasures... but only if you get the password from Erica.

Location: Luce Loft. Event Design and Coordination: Lisa Kennedy.

How many beauties are allowed into one room? I think this is over the limit.

Brooke Keegan and I being extremely serious.

These 2 girls were sooo fun to shoot. (Girl on the right reminds me of Amanda Meza)

Special thanks to: Jason Diaz, excellent assisting,Brooke Keegan for lining up the night for me. Erica for the AMAZING hotel stay at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa

All images (over 1000) will be ready in 1 week for all of you that attended.

Southern California is burning!

This place is a smoke house. This weekend fires roared 20 miles from my studio. It was 90ยบ+ and It felt like I was in a smoke filled sauna.
Take a look at these shots I took while walking out the door for San Diego.
My black car looks more of a Grey tint with this ash layer.
After breathing in toxic waste for 3 days and seeing ash float around like snow in the winter...
I have a solution for punishing fire starting piro freaks... burn them at the stake.
My Heart goes out to all those that lost their homes and their memories to the fires.
And Oprah who lost her home.
I'm complaining about air quility here, but I can't imagine what it would be like to lose everything... that ash we see in the air and stuck to our cars could be someone in Yorba Linda's couch.
Please take this time to help rescue efforts in neighboring cities struggling after loss of homes and property. find information on helping fire victims or to Donate Red Cross
If you are a victim, find out information to get back to normal with help. "Rebuild your Life"

Many of the Belmont Shore businesses hurt this weekend with the ash keeping people in their homes. Grab a mask and go buy stuff, its good for our economy!
The CSULB flag with the murky brown smoke clouds looming in the background.

Like a chocolate cake in the sky... layers of smoke over Belmont Shore.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chad and Jamie's Wedding

favorite spot to shoot at the Marriot... directly in the road.

Last week I shot Chad Cordero and Jamie Moody's wedding.
An excellent group of people, some extremely talented Athletes (especially the groom who is a relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals).
The wedding and reception was held at the Laguna Hills Marriot. I don't like shooting there, but
I had a great time with everyone and ended up taking some amazing images. So there, take that!

Here's a look at some of my favorites.
Congratulations Chad and Jamie!


The "Moody" Godfather

Kurt Suzuki was one of Chad Cordero's Groomsmen.

Kurt Suzuki of the Oakland A's reacts during a toast at Chad's Wedding.

Chad Cordero and the new Mrs. Cordero on the dancefloor at their wedding

If your a Washington Nationals Fan, or just love Chad and Jamie, checkout more images of the wedding at "A Washington Nationals Blog"