Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beach Scene

I love this beach scene. It just makes me feel happy its summer!
The people look like little ants, or small toys.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Over 180 fed!

Wow! What a success! Our 2nd "Bodies, Bicycles and Backpacks" had a great turnout!
We met in the morning, made nearly 200 lunches and then rode our bikes around Long Beach passing them out.
I'm so happy with the responces, the people involved and the energy everyone put into making this event an amazing experience!

Enjoy some pictures I took during the day.

let me know if your interested the next time we do another event like this.


One of the many sweet bikes.

Sandwich production line.

Rita working hard!

Sandwich stack.

Bagging lunches is always the hit of the party!

This is the lunches we prepaired... they're tasty! (I had one)

180 lunches

The team!

Our route.

Basketfull of waters

Explored far and wide to find the hungry. (across from the 710 freeway)

Under the bridge on the freeway... we left lunches.

we saw some really happy faces today!

Thank you to all the put so much effort into making this huge feat a reality!

God bless each of you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feed the homeless in Long Beach

This Sunday (May 20th) join me and some others in feeding over 150 homeless people in Downtown Long Beach.
See blog below this for more information.
I need more people!
Please let me know if you are interested in helping out!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


<<< Click image for the juice (More info) >>>

According to the City of Long Beach 2007 Homeless count, there are 3,829 homeless people living in Long Beach. 2,150 are living on the streets, 358 are children.

Lets feed the Homeless!
Heres the skinny.
We all bring different items to contribute to a sack lunch (enough to put in 40-50 lunches).
Meet at 10am (Assembly crew) to put sandwiches and sack lunches together.
Meet at 11:30am (Bicycle Delivery Crew)
Ride around mapped locations meeting homeless people and giving them a really tasty lunch... maybe sit down have lunch with one... why not, the sandwiches were tasty last time!

Please join us, we'd love to have you!
Don't pull the "I can't come, I'll be at church" card, thats pretty much the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of... Thats when church becomes a building and you a slave.

Last months "BBB" was a great success! We fed around 150 homeless people in the Downtown Long Beach area.
We were on our bikes for like 3 hours though... so this time we want to do it differently... more efficiently.

What we need
(each person please bring enough to feed 40-50 people/ we need 3 people per item). (# in parentheses is how many more people need to contribute for each item.)

-bologna or salami (3)=150 slices
-cheese (3) =150 Slices
-bread (3) =300 slices
-fruit (oranges or apples) (3) =150 pieces of fruit
-chips (small bags please) (1) =50 bags
-granola bars (2) =100 bars
-water!! (2) =100 bottles

**in order to have enough food, we need at least 20 people who are committed to bringing at least one of these items. check back daily for updates on what we still need .

Trina and Kristian's Engagement shoot.

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Trina and Kristian called me a few months ago and asked me to shoot their wedding, they then wanted an engagement shoot, which was smart of them, because we got some amazing shots! This is the first look at this shoot.

We shot in El Sugundo near the LAX airport.
They really wanted shots w/Kristian's El Camino. I like the overall feel of the images.
Here are 3 images that i think highlights the evening perfectly.

Favorite site of the month.

Its Amazing, I feel so un-cool when i look at it, yet it makes me want to be a more stylish person, more well rounded and intouch w/good culture.
Its like looking in on some of the most amazing places, sites, trends,fashions, fads, movements in the entire world... and its right at your finger tips!

"Go get cooler."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

70's Snorkeling shoot.

I like these snorkeling pictures we took w/a junky point and shoot in the Mayan Riviera. I feel like I went back in time to shoot these shots.
It was a fun trip and the water was much more beautiful then these shots indicate.
My shorts help the cause...or maybe they're a little too 80's?

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

RENT... I saw it on Broadway NYC.

RENT is currently the 8th longest running musical in Broadway history, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in early 2006. The show has also toured the U.S. and been performed on five continents. Knowing that Larson is not here to enjoy this incredible success serves as a constant, poignant reminder of the show's message to live your life to the fullest, for there is "no day but today."-MTI (Music Theatre International)

I thought it to be a very sad story about homosexuality,aids, being ultra poor and freezing in NY. I also thought is was touching... It taught me some stuff about life in general and made me miss a certain someone whole lot more...

We got lucky when I won the lotto for rush tickets. $20 apiece 2nd row. Cheers to that!

I wanna see wicked next.


Has anyone seen wicked or RENT? What did you think? (Not the movie)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yucatán Peninsula

Its starting to feel alot more Caribbean style.
Me chillin w/ a Mayan ruin.
This place is so amazing!

I jump off stuff all the time.

Adam and Ira in the tub. this is on our deck.

I'm at a sweet hotel in the Yucatán Peninsula with Ira and Adam.
I'll add to this blog sometime tonight or tomorrow.
But I wanted to drop an update on here.

We're enjoying the hot caribbean sun and enjoying this restful trip so far.
Tomorrow will be filled with hiking, exploring, snorkeling and just plain enjoying Gods creation.

Hope you are all well.