Thursday, January 31, 2008

ultimate 3rd world expeirence.

geeezzzz...I have sooo much to write and only 45 seconds to do it...
I´ll post more on Monday if I can.
For now, I´m doing well...
Staying at a private casa and I´ll tell you more when I can! Cheers!

so yeah...I´m safe incase any of you were worried.
oh! and I can´t access my regular email address...send me myspaces.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Mexico City is for 22,400,000

Thats how many people live in this city!

I was able to catch about 60 of them on one bus. Have a look.

I'm here to explore a little, learn some and to get the heckout!
Heres a few shots from my expoloring tonight.
Mexico City's airport is huge! Its nice looking, clean and HUGEEE!!!

I pretty much walked 2 miles through the whole place!
The language barrier doesn't help either.

I'll post more tomorrow(if I can)
I shot a total of 60 pictures today...thats nothing in comparison to my recent days of 300 and 500 shot days.
So yeah, I guess I had a lazy day. I think I need another one of those.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. I have an early morning!


Even McDonalds knows where to be... wherever there is at least 20K people there is a micky-D's...just think how many are in a place with 22 million!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Real Mexico

2hours N. of Puerto Vallarta.

I know...weird huh.


Mike the patient one of the group.

Bruce-alem and Margo, the crazies!

That Mirror shot.

The last 2 are my favorites.
Think Richard Misrach

See you soon kids!

I know this one has zero writing, but I'm sleepy and I need some more food.

Puerto Vallarta isn't bad

First Night Sunset

Its tropical here.
Pictures turn out better.
I'm getting tan.
Fun people (Eddie,margo,Bruce and Mike are great!)
Here are a few images from yesterday.
I'll post some from our road trip today if you care.

They're flying back to the states tomorrow. At that point I will be heading to Mexico City and hopefully beyond.

Try to keep you posted... specially my Audrey still in the LongBeach rain.

Eddie on the boat inside a cave.

Not sure what I was talking about here.

These fish were feisty and would often nibble...not a highlight getting bit on the fingers by these little colorful fish.

I went in anyways.

Happy hour is always happier with a little mariachi(even if the accordion player belonged in a tone deft club)

Amazing sunset last night!!

Alright, I'lll post some from today when I get a chance! I have to go eat dinner!!!

Cheers friends in the rain!
Come join me, I'll be in Mexico City tomorrow night, I'd be ore then happy to share a flat...unless your like those nibbling fish!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No more draught in Long Beach!

Tons of rain lately!
We're scheduled for alot more this week! So, we might as well get used to it. (well not me, because I'm leaving town)
Heres an idea...Do what Audrey did here and Embrace it.
Rain is classy and always better for classic pictures. Unless your allergic to water on your skin, or humid air, get out in it. Oh! and acid rain! No Bueno...but also not in LB.

Audrey loving the rain.
Alright, so maybe she didn't embrace it with the umbrella and the "RainCheck" expression, but still...


I shot a band today. "Pistol•Pistol" A friend of mine Byron (a.k.a Flex Mega Data)from Ponyboy Curtis manages this group of crazies. Alot of fun to shoot and it looks like these youngsters will go somewhere if they keep it up and stay out of the drug zone of rock and roll.

Heres a few more shots.
Taken with the Canon 5D, W/ 24-105mm Lens. Flashcord helped alot too.

I'm getting excited for my trip to Puerto Vallerta+Mexico City+????

Cheers readers!


Shot of the week (1.20.08)

I was in Santa Barbara this past weekend.

Needed to get one of my best friends (Ralph) out of town for the weekend.
We decided visiting our Friend Brian Gump at UCSB would be good.
The 2 of us piled the TT with roadtrip gear and headed to SB's IV (Isle Vista) for a jam packed weekend full of Volleyball,Batting cages (brian and his crew are all on the ball squad), good food, Pi Phi tour (That whole scene is so new to me, I was fasinated as are many, thats why they're willing to pay $3000 a semester to live in the house) Anyways, good times this weekend were had by all.

Highlights included Crashing 3 parties ("Yeah, is Josh Snyder here? He said he'd be here! That Josh! Anyways, whats your name?") Volleyball and then helping Ralph choose a car to buy and driving it home. (His car is slick!) Its a white Nissan 350Z.

Anyways, before I keep going on and on and on like I can so easily do...I want to share my image of the week with you.
I took this as I was packed and Leaving Brian's apartment. Isle Vista in a Nutshell right there. (See Image Above)

Ralph's NEW ride. Such a slick car!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rock N Reconstruct shoot.

I just want to post something really quick since I'm all pumped about this shoot.
We jumped a barb-wire fence at El Dorado Nature center to get these images. Dangerous=better? In our case yes.

What do you think of this shot?

Sarah Johnson is an amazing dress designer, her work is being worn all over hollywood...(Maybe even by men in W.Hollywood)

Ali did an amazing job too, her look was perfect!

All Images are copywritten please ask me before you use them. Thanks.


I won the grand prize for that photocontest!

Here is the shot that won!

Justin informed me that it may be running in the local paper front page this week. we'll see.

Thank you all who came out and supported! (Also thanks to all the people that called me while I was shooting a wedding, informing me that I won!)
It was great to meet many of you, including a few new blog readers Charla Blue and also Cora What a crazy coicencence it was to run into you both! Also the celbrity blogest David Gilmore (think Perez Hilton but with skill with a pen).

Thanks Cora for the little write up and including me in your "365"

Cheers gang!


I did a fashion shoot today that'll blow your mind.
Stay tuned!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My image+Press-Telegram

At 9:01am, my assistant Jon came into the studio and threw this morning's Press Telegram on my desk... I looked at him with a slight curiosity, slight disgust (due to the cover page being titled "A hideous accident") I started reading the front page article and was quickly corrected by Jon
"No,not the front page! try page 2"

I looked and there I saw a picture I had taken last Saturday (while shooting for a Long Beach Photo contest) the image is of a runner's silhouette with a lifeguard tower in the background(see attachment)... My first reaction was excitement, my second reaction was excitement and then my third was...I need to get to work telling people about the photo exhibit this Saturday (tomorrow!).

So here goes....
Justin Rudd is a good friend of mine who is always motivating people to get off their couches, turn off their direct TV and do something to benefit the community and themselves.
He was recently named Grand Marshal of the Belmont Shore christmas parade, as well as the 2007 Long Beach Person of the Year by, he is constantly bettering the community by arranging beach clean ups, Spelling Bee's and beach workouts, anyways, I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking about writing everything he's done... heres his site if you want to see for yourself

This time he's hosting a photocontest!

Justin Writes,
"What does a typical day look like in Long Beach, Calif.? For 1,440 minutes, beginning at noon on Sat., Jan. 5, 2008, life in Long Beach will be immortalized through digital photography. SAY, "CHEESE," LONG BEACH! will culminate the following Sat., Jan. 12, with a major photography exhibit, reception, and awards ceremony on 2nd St. in Belmont Shore featuring the entrants' best snapshots"

I participated and heres the details!

286 photos on exhibit this Saturday Jan. 12th 12,noon-5pm
In front of Washington Mutual Bank on 2nd st. Belmont Shore

113 local photographers.
286 images
Exhibit | noon - 5 p.m.
Photographer's Reception | 4-5 p.m.
Awards | 5 p.m.

Just pickup today's copy of the Long Beach Press Telegram to see one of my images, or come this saturday to the photo exhibit on 2nd street to see 4 more of my images.
I'll be there between shoots. around 1-3pm.
Call me if you come and we'll meet up!


-Samuel Lippke

Make sure to vote on my images so I get the people choice award!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Godfather on Melrose

I spent much of late tuesday doing just that... being a Godfather to Noah "Lil Jackson" Pacheco while his Dad Ceasar got a tattoo at LA INK.
I'd like to post some images of the tattoo, but then I'd get my legs broken by a few different people...its just not that worth it.
I will post a shot of Noah and his Nino between seeing Ceasar's half finished tattoo and dinner.(see above)

I like good graffiti like this, its one of my best friends.
Ann and I spent alot of time in limbo, relaxing and waiting for the tattooing process to be over.
I'll post a blog letting you know when the show will air and where to look for me carrying Noah onto the set for his first ever 3 minutes of fame. I have a feeling this kid is going to have alot more then 15 minutes of fame, but if thats not the case, he only has 12 more.

Ceasar's Tattoo turned out AMAZING! Hannah from TLC's LAink did an amazing job and anytime Ceasar's on camera, its always worth watching... stay tuned!!!


P.S. Ceasar is an amazing Make-up/Hair Stylist/designer. If you wanna look real good for some reason...hit him up, he's located in Huntington Beach. "The Vault" Ask for Ceasar.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Week,New Year... New Favorite Shot

Kalie Quinones brought her A-Game to this shoot.
Have a look.
I shot throughout Belmont Shore for about an Hour and half. The lighting was perfect and things came together to get Kalie some shots for her portfolio.

Cheers to a New Week, New Year and and New FAVORITE shot.

+ a bonus 2 shots that I liked from the series.