Monday, June 09, 2008

I can't stand this man

Paul Peirce. The heart and soul of the talented Boston Celtics is a real thug and king of everything thats wrong with the NBA.
I can't stand the way he plays, the way he interacts with other players, the baby antics he throws. He pretends to get hit in the eye to draw a foul and then continues to baby the eye for another 5 mintues. He falls to the ground gripping his knee, gets carried off the floor and transfered to a wheel chair, only to be bouncing around in 90 seconds doing jumping jacks and getting fired up. He is the only problem I see in the NBA... he is talented yes, a very good player, but disgusting. Take a look at this picture. And this story
And this picture.

Come on Lakers, don't allow this freak to get the championship trophy!

By the way, I got my Lakers 80's shirt today! Yes!

He got fined $25K for throwing up this gang sign during a game.

Join the lakers bandwagon.


mdb74 said...

You are an ignorant moron. Those pictures are at least five years old and you post them like they were last night. That also was not a gang sign he was doing the same gesture Al Hortford gave him shortly before that. You call paul Pierce a thug but you support an arrogant, whiny rapist like Kobe Bryant. Doesn't make sense. By the way Pierce is now a champion.

mdb74 said...

Youre an idiot. You call Paul Pierce a thug but you continue to support an arrogant rapist like Kobe Bryant. Shut youre mouth.

Samuel Lippke said...

Dear Mdb74, Thanks for your heartfelt comments. You helped seal the deal that not only is Paul Pierce un-respectable, but so are his fans. Not sure if you know this, but Kobe didn't rape anyone...And you call me an Idiot/Moron/Ignorant? I'm not really going to argue about opinions on certain players... lets let them duke it out on the hardwood... but do me a favor and keep your childish views inside your own head.