Sunday, June 22, 2008

Manhattan: Day 2

I'm not used to the time change yet. After a long long night of work, I went to sleep at 4am, I couldn't wake up in time to get to the Apple store by noon, so I took it easy.
Ira and I walked down to Central park, tossed the football,Ate hotdogs,played chess,watched people skate to 1980's hits and then we hit up the 5:30 church service at Ira's church. Dinner followed, as well as talks of political corruption and the stealing of music, which didn't ever come full circle and involve each other, incase you were wondering.

I'n back at the studio now getting ready to sleep.
But before I do that, I would feel badly if I didn't first drop some images on here.


Ira in an ice storm

Bishop's eye view
Ira won, hes much better at chess. I think this was our annual game.
Focus is the key...maybe thats my problem!?
Ira's, he's not homeless, I mean Central Park, he loves it!
Can you say Indian/funk/hindu/oprah/rock music?
Cruisin in the park with my R.Bans
Ira hailing a cab in front of the 5th st. Apple store.
My dream bike.
Kicking a broken TV
Stinging nettle doesn't sting here! Amazing!

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