Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My birthday party for only my brave friends...this is what we did.

12,900 Feet.

The whole group! No one was really that nervous... just really excited!

Loading on the plane. (25 passengers!)

Practicing good jumping form.

Gearing up for some crazy times.

Jon wasn't scared.

Falling is fun.

2 miles + 2330 feet.

At this point I just felt like I was flying in thin air...really thin air.

After I jumped, I went up again in the Co-Pilot spot and documented the 2nd jump.

This is how we got all the "IN-Air" shots... + video... pretty amazing little contraption...its on the photographers helmet and its triggered by his mouth.

Jon B. was the last to jump

Being the co-pilot is almost as fun as jumping...k, maybe not.

The pilot was pretty legit... he has skills... filmed a big part of "The rise of the silver surfer" he was the main pilot for the skydiving in that.

Christy Williams


We had so much fun!!!

Ol' "Moonshine"

I convinced 9 of my friends to jump from a plane from 13,000 feet with me.
One of the most exhilirating things a thrill seeker can do on a daily bases.

I signed around 12 sheets of paper, got video taped while giving a disclaimer and then strapped on another man for the jump of a lifestime.

I loved this experience so much!
I'll let pictures discribe it.
One thing pictures can't discribe though is our ride to the airstrip...Our driving experience was crazier and more exhilirating then the skydive... weaving between cars, ignoring bathroom pitstops and using empty waterbottles (Jon B.) shoulder driving,20 minute unneccesary detour, 4 man "Cop patrol" "we're one mile from the exit" (really we were 4)...basically we were being criminals just so we could jump out of a plane!

I love my crew! Big props to some very brave friends of mine! Amazing sports and amazing jumpers... although a few of us didn't arch when we jumped... me, Mel and Ira didn't have much arch...haha! We wanted to see the view!!!

Here are the amazing pictures!!!
I had a camera man taking video and pictures!


(We'll go in another 3 months or so, I want it to be like a crazy habit you just can't shake!)

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT book skydiving or anything else through 1-800-skydive. They ripped us off and really screwed our group over. We're trying to get over $500 back from them.


22nd Birthday dinner.

I reserved spots for 22. around 35 showed up,
Getting older is less about presents, more about appearences (So if someone shows up, thats like a $50 present)
It was so fun to have everyone at one huge table! To have all of my friends mingling and enjoying themselves.
After the Dinner at the Belmont Brewery, we all went to the Lippke Studio, had the best cheesecake that mankind can dream of, we listened to some fun music and then watched Ira and I's skydiving video from our first jump (last year). We sold another one of our friends to jump with us on the upcoming Monday.

Props to Ira, amazing cheesecake and cleanup!
Big thanks to Cole and Brittany for the amazing present! (Stereo iPod dock)
Lots a thanx ta Justine for making the trek out to attend... twice!

Heres some pictures for you to enjoy!

22!!! I feel sooo old now!

Hammer lines and Heffenwizen

Cole and Brittany

Ceasar and Ann

Ira and Jon, my brothers!

Kesley and Danielle

Courtney and Ralph love me.

Ceasar Maneezer! (best friend +Hair stylist+ workout partner)

Justine and Katie Reno

My boys!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Justine (fighter)

Justine brings it to the table.

This was my orginal shoot idea for Justine. I wanted a rough,fun,sexy and also a little bit of mischief to show through in these iamges. Justine just finished a fight and as her emotions state, she prevailed.
I love the feel of these 2 images.


I shot this with a gritty, but beautiful appeal inmind.
I wanted the model to represent a certain genre of life, a gritty innercity feel...but beautiful in her own way.

I'm exploring new ways of shooting, as well as getting comfortable with some new lighting techniques. (new to me)

"Fight shoot" to come.

You with me?



Monday, June 11, 2007


I was asked to shoot a friend of mine's senior pictures.
The images came out really nice and I'm proud of them... here they are.
Its so fun to just grab the camera gear, grab a subject and watch as the chemistry between Photographer,camera,subject and the element come together to create amazing images. Heres what we came up with at this shoot.

Stay tuned for postings from my latest Fashion shoot.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ensenada Cruise

Our Ship!

I just got back from a 3 day cruise with 7 friends... Cruises are one of the most popular vacation option to middle class america...
Why is this a favorite option for vacation for so many!?
Heres why I think the world likes it...

1. Food is everywhere and its inclusive.
2.Its like a vegas on water... whatever happens on the ship stays on the ship...unless of course there is a child created.
3.The constant entertainment.
4.Everyone is crazy and doesn't plan on seeing you or anyone else again.
5.If you have kids... you can just let them roam the boat and not worry about them.
6. You can buy some of the worlds best... and worst art.
7. The bingo jackpot gets extremely hefty! ($3549)
8. Ships feel are refreshing... even if your stuck in the bottom deck in a room the size of a toilet paper square.
9. You feel better about yourself when you see the obese in the buffet line... "I'm not as big as I thought I was"

this is why I liked our cruise.

1. Friends...if you were on a cruise alone... you might as well jump off the ship.
2. The 3am pizza raids.
3. The Ensenada Land visit. (Ensenada is a wacky town)
4. The basketball court.
5. you can do pullups at nearly every low stoop...good grips everywhere! Its a pull-up heaven!
6. Drink servers and their fancy tricks!
7. Sleeping in our cave of a cabin... you could sleep until 1pm w/out quite and pitch black!
8.The crazy dance floor from midnight-3am.
9. Whatever you want to eat whenever you want it.
10. Everyone is soo dang friendly! (Except for 4 people I remember... each of which I would gladly watch get kicked off the ship...literally)

Heres some pictures from our adventures.

Departing. "Men in Uniform"

LifeBoat drill.

Us guys rented mo-peds while in Ensenada (Highlight reel for sure).

Mirror shot of Jorge.

Ensenada from the hilltop.

Incase we got lost...I took a picture of the town.

Love this shot.

You want to buy Chicklets?

Mexico makes us act different, I think its the water.

Pinapple cocktail.

We tried for the $3549...not enough luck was on our side.

We met the Captain and he gave us guys a tour of the bridge.

Best tour ever!

I love comedy shows.

Captains dinner!
This is the whole crew!
Jonny,Jorge,Elise,Jenni, Mark, Tanya, Christina and I!