Friday, June 27, 2008

My new Nephews!

Ethiopian Children

I am a happy uncle right now!
My sister has been working hard with her husband to adopt these two amazing boys.
It took them months to get everything perfect, from legal documents, to court dates, to coordinating with what probably seemed like 60 people.
I would have been in Ethiopia with them right now! I booked a flight out to document this exciting time for our family! But plans changed and they came back to the states as soon as they possibly could. Something about being sick and being in a third world country for an extended period of time can wear you out. So, I had to cancel my flight... I'm still very disappointed and sad I couldn't be there... but Daniel (known for his studly web design skills) captured some great images of their trip.
Here are a few pictures of my wonderful Sister, her Husband, my niece and their amazing journey adopting 2 brothers from Ethiopia.

My sister is amazing!

The new boys, I can't wait to meet them!

I've heard he's quite the ham. Always looking to get a laugh... and he'll get them if I can help it.


This is quite the man. I don't know what our family would do without him.

My Sis and her boys, she's extremely happy here, I can tell.

Perfect brothers.

I can't wait to meet my new nephews! End of July I'll be heading up there to have some family time.
PHOTOS: Daniel Fairbanks (Good work documenting Daniel!). His site HERE (Amazing web designer)

Back in Long Beach

Jason Walker(Perfect attire)

I missed it. It missed me. I missed her and yes, she missed me!
I'm back and everything is moving with ease.
Plenty of pictures to edit, I have my interns working hard at getting jobs worked on and I'm trying to balance a few upcoming events and trips, as well as ordering random things for my Godson and my nephews, oh and a new burner for cooking? (They don't make appliances like the used to)

NY was slick
, I enjoyed myself, I worked hard and I shopped hard. I walked alot and I breathed the subways humid dusty air. I stayed in the heart of Manhattan with my brother at the fancy new studio. I walked to the Apple store on 14th street with a hop in my step and I ate at the best restaurants in town.

I'm back in Long Beach now and I love it. The low key if you want it, or the fast paced if thats what you need. I love Long Beach, I'm pretty sure it loves me.

Highlights of my trip in order.

10.Working out at Equinox Gym w/Ira.
09.Being at the NY studio.
08.The Slice of Pizza I ate before leaving.
07.Shopping in Sojo with Ira. (American Apparel is my favorite!)
06.Eating at Freeman's & 5 Ninth.
05.Football with Ira in central park.
04.Photographing the Kennedy wedding at the top of Rockefeller center.
03.Finishing the shoot and having a cocktail back in the studio.
02.Talkin to my girl on the phone and bragging about all the shopping.
01.The Blanketfest in Central park, while listening to the NY philharmonic, sipping on wine and being with friends. (See images)

Ira shopping for the event in his "Gross" little grocery store.(No we didn't buy corn for the picnic)
More Jason Walker.

The sky during the NY phil's performance.

The gathering.

IRA-By S.Lippke
Firework show ending
I love this shot.

Thanks for journeying with me. It was a fun trip! I'm off to sleep now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

July 1st,2008

If you drive a car and live in California, or plan on visiting, you need to get a bluetooth headset for your cell phone before July 1st, 2008.
Otherwise get caught using your mobile phone without a hands free device and get penalized.

Heres the lowdown:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed legislation that prohibits the use of handheld mobile phones while driving in the state.

Effective July 1, 2008, the legislation prohibits drivers from using a wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle unless the driver uses a hands-free device. Drivers who violate the law will face a base fine of $20 for a first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense.

The law allows drivers to use a wireless telephone for emergency purposes, drivers of commercial vehicles to use push-to-talk phones until July 1, 2011, and allow drivers of emergency response vehicles to use a cell phone without a hands-free device.

California joins Connecticut, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, and some local jurisdictions in prohibiting the use of handheld mobile phones while driving.

Or you can get this one. haha, I would rather not make a call while driving if I could avoid a ticket and using this device.

Go get the iPhone bluetooth, it works great AND its sexier then a walk on the beach in a speedo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lust List

I know its just a lust list, but this watch makes me happy.
Its way too expensive so I'm not going to tell you the cost.
Just checkout the styling, the great corners and the precise and perfect shape. I love the font and the size.
My lust list expanded with this watch!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Clout Magazine

A few pages of my images are in Clout magazine, as well as a promo with my face. slick yeah?
Go pick it up. Oh, you have a question about the Anatomy part? hmmm...I guess you'll just have to pick up a magazine and find out...(I'm still not sure)
I thought I was going to get the cover shot, but some shot of ladies running down the beach with surfboards beat my images out...I guess I still have a way to go if I can't beat out that!I'm aiming now for a covershot on Long Beach Magazine and maybe a Press Telegram. Heck, why not W mag? haha! Dreams can become true.Frank's place looks great and I think the article turned out good. Frank Groff runs a very successful PR company in Long Beach, hopefully he and I can work together again in the near future.

Heres my face again. Are you sick of this shot yet? Ira, you get props for this shot.

Go comment!

Go comment, it'd make my life more fun. 
Write something legit alright, something slick,something casual but dressing, something deserving of cocktail conversation. Think its a tough load? Its not, just try it. (heck, you can make fun of my beared bio pic, just comment!)
The reason I'm comment obsessed? Well,here's my thoughts: I'm trying to prove to people that yes, my column is welled traveled, so they let me keep it up! Plus I like feedback.
Alright, seriously, I'm off to sleep now. Its been a long day!

Manhattan: Day 3

Equinox Gym was a key ingredient in getting this day off right.
Ira has a membership and I now have a 3 day membership to this deluxe workout center.
Ira led me along his workout and I ended up being really tired. Not only was I doing new workouts, things I don't do often, I was workingout in the morning and thats something I never do!!
Next was breakfast(yogurt,raisens,bananas and honey) then some work on the laptop, Apple store to repair my lame internet problem,Lunch at 5 9th, Walked in and saw Tim Robbins and Susan Serandon eating with their children. We ate a great lunch... best lunch EVER! Go to 5, 9th in the Meat packing district and order the beet salad. its worth $50, but only costs $14!
The rest of the day was spent walking around Manhattan shopping for clothes,a watch, sailor suit coat and something for my lady. I found instead a pair of NIKE's some slick stuff for my girl and a $5,900 watch I desire, but can only lust over... $5,900?? Wow! I can't find the watch anywhere online, otherwise I would show you. I'm in LOVE with this watch to! Wanna chip in so I can get it? Yeah, I thought not.
So this day was all about walking, eating great food, trying to shop and buy, but mostly just shopping. 
Ira had the camera around his arm all day, so here are a few shots he took.
Next up I need to post some pictures of Ira Lippke Studios: NY office, its smokin cool!

For now, I need to get back to picture editing!
Thanks for your comments and emails Ira,Warren,Billy and Tattooed Paddywhack, I love getting notes!

Heading to 5, 9th.

Ira swinging deals on the phone.

Here is where I start bragging with pictures of the 3 amazing restaurants we ate at.
I was capitalizing on the view(5, 9th)
Belshazzar in Soho. Awaiting the oysters and iced coffee.

Freemans, its Ira's favorite spot. I can see why.

Ira with horns behind him.

It was yet another great day. Accomplished alot, spent too much money and now I'm spent!
Goodnight! Gimme Coffee made me the best iced mocha I've ever sipped on EVER!!! Go visit them! Oh, I got some new shoes. Wanna see um?? CLICK HERE!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Manhattan: Day 2

I'm not used to the time change yet. After a long long night of work, I went to sleep at 4am, I couldn't wake up in time to get to the Apple store by noon, so I took it easy.
Ira and I walked down to Central park, tossed the football,Ate hotdogs,played chess,watched people skate to 1980's hits and then we hit up the 5:30 church service at Ira's church. Dinner followed, as well as talks of political corruption and the stealing of music, which didn't ever come full circle and involve each other, incase you were wondering.

I'n back at the studio now getting ready to sleep.
But before I do that, I would feel badly if I didn't first drop some images on here.


Ira in an ice storm

Bishop's eye view
Ira won, hes much better at chess. I think this was our annual game.
Focus is the key...maybe thats my problem!?
Ira's, he's not homeless, I mean Central Park, he loves it!
Can you say Indian/funk/hindu/oprah/rock music?
Cruisin in the park with my R.Bans
Ira hailing a cab in front of the 5th st. Apple store.
My dream bike.
Kicking a broken TV
Stinging nettle doesn't sting here! Amazing!

Shot of the week (6.21.08)

I love this shot of The Kennedy's in Palace Hotel NY.

Manhattan: Day 1

I'm in Manhattan.
Today was spent shooting an extremely swanky wedding for the Kennedy's at the Rockefeller Center in the Rainbow room!
Here are a few of the photos I took of the amazing event and a memorable image of Elmo looking a little displaced.Look and see!

The Rockefeller View

The cufflinks found their way to the cover of NYtimes

Introducing Becky and Colin Kennedy!

I love this shot.

The makeup artist and I...we were both pretty tired at this point in the day.

Some sexy details of the tables

The Rainbow Room at its finest.

Tomorrow=Apple Store (to return my shizzy MacBookPro),Birthday Shopping(For Ceasar) ,Girlfriend shopping (What should I get her?) and Church (@5pm)

Whats going on with you?