Thursday, June 12, 2008

The 80's are back!

As are the Lakers vs. Celtics Rivelery!

Game 4!

Its tonight.
I'll be sportin my 1980's T and yelling for my team at a local PIZZA joint... or maybe Tantalum... we'll see. I was thinking Mai Tai, but their TV's are super high up!
Keys to the Lakers tying up the series.
Lamar getting 15pts, 12 rebounds.
Pau getting 18pts 10 rebounds
Kobe being Kobe
Shutting down Peirce again (that freak)
Sasha and Ronny turning up the heat would be nice too.
Radmanovic is due for a big game anyday now!
Should be a good game!
Watch the game, or check stats on your computer. Be a fan!

Magic and Bird in the 80's Kobe and Garnett in the now.
Lets do this lakers!

I have to post this!!!
Here are the lakers celebrating in the team jeep after tonights WIN.
lets party lakers

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Anonymous said...


After the Lakers lost game 4 of the NBA finals last night, Kobe Bryant told reporters that he was going to "drink about 20 shots" and then get back to work. He is such a smug jerk it's untenable.
When TMZ is calling you a bad role model, you know you're really the pits.