Wednesday, November 28, 2007

oh the rest I would get.

Editing pictures on my laptop would be alot easier too.
with a price tag of $3245, it may stay on my wish list longer then a roundtrip ticket to spain, via the moon.

Regardless, it makes me happy just looking at the picture... its the thought that counts right?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shot of the week

"Parachutes and Smoke"

I shot this last Saturday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Skydiving (again)

I'm hooked! I love it, you should come with me next time. Yes, I promise to give a further warning this 3 weeks, instead of 1.5.

Some highlights:
1.Signing my signiture at least 35 times promising everyone I know that its my fault if I die. (thats not a highlight, except that I feel my john hancock is slightly more acceptable)
2. Doing backflips (3) out of a plane at 12,600ft above the ground. BONUS: With my little brother...missed you this time Ira.
3.The parachute opening.
4.Seeing the rest of my crew land safely.
5. That feeling when you land. something like "I love earth! mixed, I feel like I just had thearepy, I feel amazing, what other amazingly crazy thing can we survive?"
6. Surviving the ride home with Valarie driving... I was more calm jumping out the hatch of the plane!

Heres a few ground pictures I took.


Before we jumped (Valarie,Me, Audrey and Josiah)

After we landed.

I love the skydiving place we go to at Lake Elsinore, they're really legit, very friendly and all the girls I take with me seem to enjoy the good looking guy instructors...I'm still waiting for that cute girl instructor I can jump with...I'm thinking I should just give it up though... I'll stick with just going for the thrill of it.

Josiah, my little brother is in town!!! He was a huge drive for wanting to plan another skydiving venture.

Stylin in my Initium Sunnys

Thanks for the bonus shot of me val!

We were divided into 2 groups, Jump #1: Audrey, Josiah, Valarie and I. Jump #2: Mark,Audrean,Yayo and Brady(not pictured in order)

(first image is of Valarie, she jumped 1st, I stole that picture off of her myspace)

I'm a GodFather! (Nino)

Noah Pacheco (I call him "lil Jackson" since I got hooked on the thought of naming him Noah Jackson from the start) Anyways, he was born to 2 of my best friends in the whole world (Ceasar and Anneliese) Born, November 8th (nearly 2 weeks ago!)
I feel bad I haven't posted him on my blog yet, I've been slow with the blog flow lately...I'll catch you up on everything soon, have no worries!

I was sooo honored to be asked by Ceasar and Ann if I would be Noah's Godfather, I'm so excited and thrilled and also nervous to have such responsibility. Being a Godfather isn't an easy task, so I'm reading up on it and making sure I'll do a good job.

This Baby is super cute too, I'm so happy for them!!!

Love you guys Ceasar and Ann!


Take a look at this strapping young lad.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Favorite band of the past 9 months

These two guys are so talented and unique, their music is 80's, but they have a new spin that makes it easy to listen to (unlike alot of 80's pop/hiphop/rap)
I love these guys, their amazing!
Go checkout their latest Album, its called "Fancy Footwork"

Chromeo is an electrofunk duo based in Montreal and New York City. The duo is P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel), on keyboards, synthesizers, and talk box, and Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) on guitar and lead vocals. The two were best friends since childhood and they describe themselves as the only successful Arab/Jewish collaboration since the beginning of time.
David Macklovitch is currently earning his Ph.D in French Literature from Columbia University, where he also teaches undergraduate French classes.
(thanks Wikipedia again. You rock like a short film about how beavers build their dams.)

Have a little listen

Friday, November 16, 2007

Karla's Shoot

I shot a friend of a friend (and now my friend, as well as my brother Josiah's 2nd date of the trip) If that didn't make sense, maybe read it again, if still no luck, forget it, its for the quick, whitty and slightly confused.

I shot Karla tonight, she drove up from San Diego for some headshots for her work. She's a hair stylist and works with a company called "Scruples". (+we shot some fun fashion images of her as well.)
I had Josiah assist me with my gear (Canon 5D,Canon 70-200 2.8 IS,Canon 85mm 1.8 & Canon 24-105) and I had Karla get ready to show me her best looks... off we went to shoot at my new favorite spot.
The Belmont Pool has an amazing design, a good amount of shade and backgrounds that a retro/fashion/W magazine lover would well, love!
Here we are, heres what we got (click image above)...cheers to a fun, successful shoot.

Now I'm really going to need caffeine...maybe before the run? geeez, that'd be horrible.

K, goodnight for reals now.


Volcom Shoot

I shot part of the Volcom catologue last week (for fall 2008)
I can't show much... so I won't post anything that gives anything away. (Just telling you... There are some slick clothes on the way!)
This shot is toasty though...
Plus a little bonus shot of me during one of the breaks while the model was changing.

Hopefully I'll shoot with them again soon, they're a fun crew with good ideas and most of all a really open mind to new artistic development... which is always nice to work with.

Alright crew, I need sleep, its been a crazy week.
Josiah's still in town, its been fun. I'm, also getting addicted to caffeine... ahhh!
Running tomorrow morning (8am? for reals?) I should have told Josiah later... I know that sounds late for some of my older readers, but for me and my late night body, thats too early!!! Say hello to coffee at about 11am tomorrow.

Alright, heres the last shot, I love these white "Ray-Bans" sunglasses, they're amazing!


Friday, November 02, 2007

Douglas Jamison (AKA.Crazy French Human Guitar)

My newest Charactor... He's a little crazy (hence why he mentions that 3-4 times in each clip) He's a human Guitar and he's not afraid to play it. Mr. Jamison is french, though he may not look it or even sound like it, hes french... don't beg to differ, trust me.

Hope you enjoy.


Part 2

Douglas Jamison riding bikes in previous post.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oct. 31st Bikeride

Halloween is a weird holiday. I'm not a fan.
But I do like dressing up crazy and having an excuse to ride around on bikes at night (with those costumes blowing in the wind)

Here are some crazy bikeride photos I took last night. (plus one from Mr.Trine of me,the real "Douglas Jamison")