Monday, June 23, 2008

Go comment!

Go comment, it'd make my life more fun. 
Write something legit alright, something slick,something casual but dressing, something deserving of cocktail conversation. Think its a tough load? Its not, just try it. (heck, you can make fun of my beared bio pic, just comment!)
The reason I'm comment obsessed? Well,here's my thoughts: I'm trying to prove to people that yes, my column is welled traveled, so they let me keep it up! Plus I like feedback.
Alright, seriously, I'm off to sleep now. Its been a long day!


Anonymous said...

samuel, ive been one of your readers for a long time. Actually this is really weird but my best friend jeremy used to date one of your friends ( i forget her name) so its totally six degrees circle kind of thing. my name is jess and i tell people about your photography all the time! keep up the good work!

Samuel Lippke said...

Hey Jess, thanks for reading.
Crazy about the friends knowing friends and all that. Whats the girls name that dated Jeremy? I'm curious now!
I hope you're doing well and enjoying your week!


Anonymous said...

howdee (yes its late) but her name is Ivette? next time you ever see her or hang out with her ask her about Jeremy Markham back in Hamilton high school! :-)!

enjoy your weekend! you should definitely consider the getty center as a spot for pictures its gorgeous up there!!