Friday, June 20, 2008

Long Beach Networkers

Suja interacting.

Tonight I joined a group of the young movers and shakers of Long Beach.
Suja Lowenthal, Robert Garcia and Jeff Klien spoke about their involvement in Long Beach, as well as their goals and how we can get involved.
Suja (Long Beach Councilwoman, 2nd District.) talked about Improving downtown.
Robert (Co-Founder talked about keeping rolling strong, as well as moving to higher politics.
Jeff (Principle and managing partner, Queen Mary) spoke about his ideas and thoughts with the Queen Mary development, as well as hint towards working with Disney and possibly as talked about an NFL stadium. He also bashed the 710 freeway and rightfully so.

Anyways, it was mainly an encouragement to network and get to know the people that are doing good things in Long Beach.(plus get some great appitizers and a view of the airstrip at Ristorante da Vinci. I wish Justin Rudd and Ralph Millero could have been there!

Heres a few shots I took with my Canon 5D.


Hors d'oeuvres make the body happy

Suja Speaking. Geez, she has some sleek style!
Robert Garcia rockin the mic
Jeff talking about how much he likes the Queen
Jemie and I doing some poses. Props to Steve Sheldon for the shot.

We were looking over the airstrip from Long Beach Airport.

Robert practicing for when we shoot together.

The ladies from ETA Advertising

Ristorante da Vinci from the entrance.

I met some great people and I'm looking forward to the next networking date.
Good Work to Jemie Sae Koo for doing a huge part in setting it up with Suja.

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