Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feed the Homeless

First thing on my agenda (for The Giving Project) is to get outside and put some food in some hungry bellies.
Wanna help me?
I would love to get around 20 people to help me hand out 200 lunches, as well as connect with Homeless people in our community and help them find a part time shelter to get them educated and off of the streets, eventually ending in Jobs and changed lives.

So Heres the plan!

This Sunday may 4th, I'm putting together a "Feed the Homeless" project in Long Beach CA.
Meet at Bixby Park (Ocean Blvd and Cherry)

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We will be creating sack lunches starting at 10am and then handing them out at 12Noon.
Please let me know if you can join me in making lunches or just distributing them.
Bring your bike if you can, we will be walking (and riding) around downtown long beach in search for hungry mouths to feed.

I've done this 3 other times and its always a success! (Click to see the 2nd and 3rd)

I would love for you to join me and my crew in serving the community of Long Beach.
I can't wait!


Who:Anyone that wants to help!
When: Sunday May 4th. 10am (prep) 12pm (giving)
Where: Bixby Park Long Beach (see map above)
Why: To build a stronger community, to love our neighbor as ourselves and to make new friends.
What: Feeding Homeless (see statement above)
How: Made possible by donation from Justin Rudd's non-profit CAT (Community Action Team)
See previous post for more info on funding.

Can't wait to help the community alongside you all!

Contact me on here if you have ANY questions!

Thanks everyone!

-Samuel Lippke

Long Beach Giving Project

I was nominated and chosen to be one of the "givers" in this upcoming project.
I have $500 to make as many Long Beach residents lives better.
I would love to get some of my readers ideas on what to do and who to help.
But we need to be quick, I really only have 10 days left to do it!

Below are all the details for this project. (stolen from Justin's page)

Thanks you guys!


hosted by Justin Rudd

Rudd's "Long Beach Giving Project" Will Give Away Thousands by May 10

OVER THE NEXT few weeks, Justin Rudd and his nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team (C.A.T.) are looking to help people in need in the Long Beach area with their "LONG BEACH GIVING PROJECT." Inspired by Oprah's "Big Give" and "Idol Gives Back," Rudd says thousands of dollars in goods and services will be given locally to those who need it most.

Giving Long Beach at least $8,500.

Funds for the program are made possible, in part, by the successes of Rudd's Long Beach Turkey Trot and the Haute Dog Easter Parade charity events. Other funds will come from local philanthropists whose wealth ranges from meager to millions.

I AM A FIRM BELIEVER in the collective power of individuals joined in a spirit of goodwill and generous giving to bring about the success of a community.
Justin Rudd!

In addition to individuals identified by the C.A.T. leadership team, project organizers are seeking input from community members who are aware of a person or family with a need that could be met for under $100.

Every need is worthy. Maybe you know a student who can't afford tickets to the prom; or a mom who needs help buying formula for her newborn; or a co-worker whose relative just passed and needs some assistance; or an elderly woman who can't afford bus fare to get to her doctor appointments; or a neighbor who needs help with the electric bill this month.

Although every request will not be able to be met, the Long Beach Giving Project will fulfill many, many wishes based on need, circumstance and urgency -- in amounts up to $100 per person/family.

To nominate, send a brief email to Justin@JustinRudd.com outlining the circumstance, what is needed (remember: $100 limit per person/family), and how the individual can be contacted. When writing, please state if the person nominating wishes to remain anonymous.

There is no limit to the number of people anyone can submit, and nominations must be received by April 30.

The Project's giving will take place now until the afternoon of Sat., May 10, 2008.

To donate to the Community Action Team's Long Beach Giving Project
contact Justin@JustinRudd.com. Donations to the Community Action Team are tax deductible.

Justin Rudd and his 501c3 nonprofit Community Action Team (CAT) are giving $500 to 15 of their volunteers to give away to others in the Long Beach area in an approx. two-week time limit. In total, at least $8,500 will be given away by those volunteers who will become contestants and part of the "giving team." The contestant who does their giving best -- as determined by a panel of Long Beach's finest philanthropists -- will receive an extra $1,000 to give away.

Beth Barnes
Lisa Bland
Nancy Buchanan
Michael Day
Brad Gerow
Jenn Gonzales
Janet Higley
Samuel Lippke (see told you! I'm in this to win this!
Debi Miller
Ralph Millero
Amy Morin
April Rivas
Liliane Roy
Andy Vaca
Lisa Woodruff

- The giving should be done in the Long Beach area.
- No more than $100 can be given to any person.
- Cash, traveler's checks, gift cards and such cannot be given. Rather, contestants must make purchases for goods and/or services and then make presentations to recipients.
- No more than $100 can be given in one place.
- No more than $100 can be spent in any one place.
- Keep records and receipts of your giving.
- We encourage you to keep notes about your entire Long Beach Giving Project process, so you can refer to them when you present your project at the dinner.
- Each contestant must attend a dinner (Sat., May 10, 7-9:30; optional for you to bring one guest; we pay for the dinner for you and your guest) and informally present their giving to the judge's panel, and be willing to answer some questions from the judges.
- Contestants must agree to allow their name and giving stories to appear in the media and online. You may choose to only use a recipient's first name.
- Contestants will receive their $500 cash approx. April 20 - the night of the finale of Oprah's "Big Give" TV show.
- The giving is to humans only.
- The purpose of the project is to give, give responsibly and give with purpose.
- Any remaining cash not spent or given away must be given back to the organizers.
- Receipts must be presented at/before the dinner.
- Contestants are allowed to photograph or video tape recipients or their giving, but may not present that to the judges.
- The actual giving must be completed when the dinner begins.
- Each contestant may invite and bring one guest to the dinner. CAT pays for dinner. Please RSVP with your guest's name at least three days before the dinner.
- Dinner/presentation will last 2 1/2 hours.
- You can involve others (i.e. co-workers, friends, family) in your giving projects, but you are the giver. We want you to do the shopping, buying, giving.
- You may not supplement the $500 giving. (i.e. you cannot give an extra $25 of your own money on top of your $100 giving from CAT)
- We do encourage you to spend/give all $500.
- We do not encourage you to try to fundraise above the $500 we give you.
- We do not encourage you to solicit or give products or services beyond the $500 we give you.- You have the option to go through a few names/needs that have been sent in by public nominations. We are seeking nominations from the community of folks who are in need of a good or service. Contact Justin to see the nominations that have come in.
- The judges' decision will place an additional $1,000 in the hands of the winner, to be spent or given any way the winner pleases.
- Judging is based on: leadership, accomplishments, creativity, presentation of your giving to those in need, and resources to generate the most powerful and sensational ways to make real differences to those in the Long Beach area.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chalking up the sidewalks

Belmont Shore Chalk Art Contest
It was yesterday.
It was good.
I liked it, so did around 1000 other people that I saw watching all of the artist doing their magic tricks the sidewalk. (Due to a few reasons, the art is done on 38" x 50" artist's paper that was affixed to the sidewalk with masking tape.)
My images will be on LBpost.com as well as JustinRudd.com.
I'm going to use this time to point out my favorite Chalk designs...even if they didn't win, they won in books. I was a judge for this event last year, but spent this year photographing the event.

Here's my rundown!

Some amazing talent flowed through my street yesterday (I call it mine, because I spend all day and night hearing,smelling,feeling,walking and getting to know it...but don't worry, I'm a good sharer :)

Samuel Lippke's AWARD's:
Yes, I'm taking the liberty to show all of you my favorites.
The competition was stiff and I hold nothing against the "real" judges, I admire how they could keep it to a top 3! I had to stretch it to a top 6 (Merit Awards were given to the 4th-8th placing artists and were given $50 cash)

6th Place:(A very strong 6th place I might add. He won 3rd place in the "Official" judging)
David Gilmore won for his creative "2nd Street Shines" chalk design.
David has a highly traveled celebrity Blog where he illustrates his blogs with portraits he paints,draws,sketches and creates.
David offered his piece to my ecstatic girlfriend Audrey, shes going to put it in her living room. Good work David,thanks for making my girl so happy! (how do I compete with that??)

5th Place:
Julio Jimenez "Samba dancer" (He "Officially won a Merit award)

4th place:
Cecelia Linayao (She won 2nd place in the "Official" contest)

3rd Place:
Brighton Smith. (Brighton took home $350 cash for winning 1st place!)

2nd Place:(Didn't "officially" place)
Mike Baker-www.mikerbaker.com
Watch for this guys name in upcoming children's books, maybe even a movie? I think a contract could be well on the way for this guy. Someone sign Mike Baker! Great work!

1st Place: Samuel Lippke's Award for best All around chalk art goes to
Carin Gross (Carin was Last years OFFICIAL winner and somehow didn't place this time around.."officially" first place in my books is saying something, after all, it is MY street right...haha.)

WILDCARD: Best color, Abstract and amazing. I love Andrews work!
Andrew dupas (didn't Officially place)

Props to Justin Rudd for putting together such a great event. Its nice to have a little economy boost here in the Shore, as well as some fun artists walking around with chalky hands and smiles...alright, maybe just hands.

All images are copywritten by:Samuel Lippke

Grand Prix (My favorite images)

I already wrote on the Grand Prix and I don't have time to write more...but here are some images for some modern day enjoyment.

My write up is located below and on my www.lbpost.com

Cheers to you Southern California heat wavers!

Feel the Fever!

The Long Beach Grand Prix was this past weekend! Did you feel the race fever? You know? The fever: The roar of race cars, the leather racing jackets, the 30 year old hair cuts and the checkered flag bikinis, the beer in hand fanatics of the sport, the warm breeze and more loud sports cars whizzing by a cluster of race fans. That's the FEVER!

Being at the Toyota Grand prix isn't something you should read about, its something you should experience with your own hands (banners/beer/hotdogs) and ears (music/screeching tires/loud speakers announcing), and eyes! (you can only imagine what you can see...if you have no imagination...scroll down for my photos).

Heres my first hand experience:

I slipped 90 cents into the bus payment slot and was on my way. (community transit bus' allow you to avoid $25 parking fees and miles of traffic.) I walked right into the gates and began enjoying the race spirit (or fever as I call it) Loud engines, beer booths, free promo gear everywhere! The warm southern california air in your face, camera in hand and people all around, it feels like a festival of car enthusiasts. Look around for a racing buffet for the eyes, chances are, you won't look for long. Yes, this year's Grand prix is over, but get ready for next year, it'll be on us in an
instant (Along with back to school and christmas) So next year, grab some tickets, your favorite energetic friends, a bus pass and I'll see you at the next Long Beach Grand Prix!

Don't forget to take a break from the sun and go into the performing arts center to see some amazing cars on display, chances to win big prizes and get your photo taken with real race cars.

Below are images I took to give my readers a view from "The outside looking in" I didn't have a press pass, I didn't have credentials (like I should have) I had my own camera, friends in tow and the fever to experience Southern California racing!


BEFORE(yes, empty bleachers...craziness on the way)

AFTER (Like I said, craziness!!!)

Cole was my press pass, he can take credit for getting me the good views for good images.

Can someone please explain this style to me? Who out there is into this wretched look?

Pull-Up contest at the Marine booth. I got 19.

Ralph recorded the Marine Booth record of Pull-ups for the day with 24.

Brittany and her Strawberry Margarita.

We were trying to look "ripped" Pull-ups will do that to you.

This should be called the sound tunnel due to the extremely loud race cars driving below.

Things to differently NEXT YEAR:

1. PRESS PASS ( I need to secure one of these...maybe with a magazine?)
2. Secure ALL day, not just half day.
3. More sunblock.
4. Racing jacket and mullet just to fit in.
5. More friends!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Column

asked me to photograph Events in Long Beach for them. Intern, they gave me a Column and have encouraged me to document news worthy events and storys for the city of Long Beach.
This has allowed me to get into more photojournalism around the city, as well as show my work to a wider audience. So yeah, pretty exciting!

Check out my column if you want... comment on my posts too!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brides.com Party

Wednesday night.
Brides.com party at Long Beach MOLAA.
I loved being apart of a Long Beach Event that featured some of the most talented people in LA, from Event Design (Christopher Aldama of Fiori Fresco) to planning (Details Details) to Hosting (Brides.com) Even the florist and Bartenders did amazing!
Thanks to a few people that made my night really fun!(David Tosti and Ralph Diaz, Also Jeannie and Michelle were great to see!)
Here are some images I took.


P.S. I'm disappointed about the Grand Prix tomorrow. I thought I would have press passes, but it doesn't look like my connection is strong enough... looks like I may need to work a little harder at this. BUT! I have a ticket to visit! Thanks to Brittany!!!

Jeannie Savage, ME! Jeannie and Michelle Weita (They're my favorites!)

Details Details' write up on this event

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amber's Photoshoot

I did a shoot today.
Everything went according to my plan... which was AMAZING!

Heres a sample for your eyes only! (Exceptions are made for whoever else ,might be looking w/u)


P.S. I'll post on "Long Beach's Giving Project" as well, infact I'm going to need your help!

Hair and Makeup: Ann Pacheco
Location: Belmont Pool & Samuel's Secret Studio

Snowboarding Mammoth

Mammoth slopes are huge! Enough trails to stretch to Brazil end on end... or maybe even to the atmosphere... but whos to say where the atmosphere starts and stops? Anyways, they aren't really that long, but they are plentiful and luxurious!
My camera battery went missing for my Leica, so we used Ira's trusty iPhone for these few shots...
Keep in mind...its 72ยบ for most of the day. I got toasted on the arms and neck.
Highlights include racing Ira down the mountain, thinking I had a jet pack.
Getting $3 insurance on the rental(I ran over a mini boulder and scratched up the board)
Being on top of the Mountain world.
Getting sun tanned in the snow.

Alright, heres a few images.


Ira the beast!
Samuel the Wild

Ira the Calm

The freakin SLOPE!