Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm in your paper Long Beach!

Todays paper has a picture of me and Justin Rudd at last month's Giving Project.

Take a look at the online story and if you really are obsessed with the story, go pick up the paper, its a dang quarter! 25¢! (looks like newspaper prices aren't going up with the gas prices)

CLICK for full story.

All of the 15 contestants at the May 10 event had shown remarkable creativity and sensitivity. Lippke's concepts were just a bit more effective, in part because of his personal involvement. For example, he went to Costco and spent $100 on food - then prepared sandwiches with chips and cookies, went to Lincoln Square and sat with the homeless people he found there as they ate the lunches he had prepared. -Shirley Wild of the Press Telegram

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