Friday, September 28, 2007

Chelcie and Bronson Engagement Shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing Chelcie and Bronson tonight.
Met at my studio on 2nd st. Looked over wedding packages and then headed out to Bayshore to take a ride on a Gondola as well as shoot thier Engagement pictures.

Gondola's are a good date idea. Thanks Chelcie and Bronson for letting me go on a date with you guys. You are both a joy to work with and I'm looking forward to shooting your wedding!

Here's some products of my labor.

After the boat ride around Napel's we quickly ran to the beach and I photographed the sunset as well as our favorite couple embrace eachother and the incoming tide...they got drenched!

All of the Engagment shoot pictures will be online within a few weeks. Let me know if you are friends or family of Chelcie and Bronson... I'll add you to the viewing list.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night the Brother's Lippke continued their streak for having too much fun! Alright, not too much fun, but just enough to make me blog about.

Toi Thai fed us and our dates (Desiree and Kristen) dinner.
Maria Taylor opened for Midlake at the Henry Fonda and "Wild Youth" (the under age 13 rockband) opened for Maria.
Pretty insane concert if you were to ask me.

Heres some images that document the night.

Ira is moving to New York! I'm gonna miss him.

Midlake Ripped it up...I love them!

I tried to smile big.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Quick shoot.

I shot Alain Vo today.
Got some great stuff.
He wants to be an Actor/Model.
I worked w/him to bring a main ingridiant to the table "HeadShots" we got um and they're sick!

See above for my little promo with Alain kicken it on a small stoop.

Business Cards: I finally got them!

I know, I've procrastinated long enough! The business cards are finally here and the only reason I waited so long was for the hype! I wanted them to arrive fashionably late, to walk the red carpet while everyone was already enjoying the show, I wanted these promo cards to stand out as if they were at a funeral dressed in white with french cuff links.

Here they are.



These are my fashion promo cards.
MY wedding ones will be on the way soon... which means about 5 months! HA!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Photography Site: Relaunched!
has been relaunched!
My website has been given a huge makeover, most of the pictures are brand spankin new and its got a crazy fun look that will blow your mind. The site says something along the lines of "HEY! Samuel Lippke is a photographer! He enjoys what he does and he likes you...Samuel is not a scary man with missing teeth, Samuel is a young man with no recent cavities."
Like I said, it might say something different to different people... but thats kind of what I was going for.
I really do think you'll enjoy it. Even if your not feeling the late 80's, early 90's hip hop graphics and layout, you'll still enjoy a few images...

Click on this link to see what I'm talking about.

I hope while your reading this, you're chillin at your home or a really nice villa in the rocky hills of Italy, maybe even a beach house in Bali... but wherever you read this... I hope your feeling good. Less stressed more relaxed... (ready to spend hours sending my site to everyone you know)

Cheers my dear friends!


Huge props to Daniel Fairbanks Design. He designed the site originally and did the update in no time! The man is a genius...(plus hes my sister's husband)

(Original message in email format...but i'm saving time by posting it on my blog too! Yes!...I'm hungry... going to Rubio's... they need to sponsor me... I go there too much! Free tacos for life...or maybe free chips for life! wait...they already do that for everyone. oh well. whatr you doin? go see my new site!!!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Erlend Oye= Favorite Recording Artist of the month

Erlend Øye is a Norwegian musician from Bergen, best known for being part of the pop duo Kings of Convenience together with Eirik Glambek Bøe. He has released one solo album, Unrest, in 2003 and a mix-CD in the DJ-Kicks series in 2004.

(Thanks for the info)

Erlend Oye is such an amazing Artist.
He'll go from beautiful lyrical pieces with an acoustic guitar and serene piano. (in his band "Kings of Convenience"
Then he'll jump on his synthisizer and pull out some amazing beats and still kick out amazing vocals. This guy is a genious and he is constantly filling my studio with amazing sounds throughout the day.

Checkout his work with Kings of Convenience and his solo work self titled "Erland Oye"
Erlend Oye
Erlend's Myspace

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The skyline is so empty now!

Its September 11th.
I can still remember the exact place I was standing, the smell I had in my nostrils and the shivers I had down my spine when I watched CBS morning news 6 years ago today.
I remember watching in disbelief as the 2nd plane hit and knew for a fact it was on purpose. I couldn't figure out why someone would have so much hate in their hearts to do something of such horrible magnitude. I still feel the same. I still want to catch the people responsible and lock them up in a dark cell and let them bathe in their own malice and hate. I also have a feeling of hope knowing that Jesus came to earth and promised to return and clean this sinful world up.
So as I sit and reminisce about this day in 2001, I am reminded that life is short, I need to be living more for whats to come. Storing up my treasures where they won't rot, or be stolen. Be motivated this day to help your fellow man, to come alongside eachother like we did when our country was on our walls stood around churches, everyone in this whole nation turned into Americans, not democrat or republican... we were all united, caring for eachother and watching eachothers backs...

How can you do that still? How are you furthering Christ's kingdom from day to day? Oh and are you really going to drive w/your headlights on all day just to remember those that died? Or is that just the new myspace rumor? HA! I want to start a rumor that "Samuel Lippke is about to grow a huge beard,go on a phototrip and hunt Osama Bin down...end terrorism and be the hero of the world...!" but I guess that wouldn't really be storing my treasures in heaven... It'd be more like starting false hope throughout the myspace land.

So I'll just stick to what I'm doing. Encouraged and ready to make this world better, one picture at a time.

But honestly? Driving w/our headlights on? what is that going to solve or prove? I mean I think the only thing it will do is make us bitter when we come back to our car to find the battery dead and the lights flickering to the point where AAA is called. That will just turn all of our future 9/11's into a pain in the ear drum.
Lets do something like buy the homeless "Ben and Jerry's" Ice Cream, or furnish parks with padded benches or put free lemonade stands on our public beaches...just for the day.

yeah. bring it!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Matte Black Clothing

I worked most of my Sunday with my closest friends at a fashion show. I layed the camera down for the day and picked up some Matte Black Clothing for their Aids Benefit Fashion Show.

Heres a few pictures.

Matt and Paul Wignall have done some sweet stuff with their Clothing Company, I'm looking forward to the release of the lines next season.

I picked up my Leica for a few minutes...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"The Bohemian brothers of photography"

We are currently featured on
Check it out.
Here is a little script from the interview.

"If you had six months to live, what would you do with your life?"

I think if I was told I had six months to live I would move to Alaska, marry an Eskimo woman and raise pigs. Yeah, because I think that would be the longest six months of my life. That way I could extend it out as long as possible. To be honest that’s our dad Charlie Lippke’s joke and according to Samuel dad has been trying his entire life to get that joke published. Actually, I would probably be really depressed, and figure it wasn’t fair but I might as well do something and get working and try to finish my Lore art project. (Lore is Ira’s photo project that is a depiction and reenactment of Ira’s family life when he was growing up, with stories that have been developed over time). I see this as a life project and something that can live on after me.

I would try risking my life to save other people by capturing as many photos possible to provoke change in the world. I would also spend as much time possible with my family, maybe write a book of my life, and then maybe go on The Amazing Race.

View images and Interview at

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

4 Favorite pictures from the last wedding

Here they are, my top 4.
Enjoy um.

I love the natural lighting in the church, as well as the beautiful way the Orthodox Church preformes the entire ceremony. Yes the church was 95º and sweat kept blocking the path from my eye to my camera... but all in all, it was worth the sweat and tears (yes tears, I can get very emotional)

Anyways, with that said, I need to get to work!
Congratulations John and Jumana!
And good job finding that church!

Is it going to be 100º + again today???

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cliff Jumping+116º weather+Jet Boat


Cliff Jumping+116º weather+Jet Boat...Yeah, all those things equal one rythems with Persion Gulf. Yup, you guessed it! LEGITMATE! (Alright, it depends on HOW you say it, but still, it was a good try.

What you are about to see is me jumping from a cliff, or pictures I shot of the other 3 guys that went on a bachelor party trip to Laughlin Nevada.

Heres a little sample of our adventures.

Cheers to safety friends.

Some highlights include:

•Surviving cliff jumping
•Surviving "Horse Play" in the pool. Jons head + my chin= still sore jaw.
•Driving a jet boat on an empty lake
•Watching slot machine gamblers waist away their quarters at 8am.
•In-N-Out 3 days in a row
•Seeing enourmous fish all over the lake...and then all at once at dock.
•Surviving the sharp spray of the jet Boats "Trim" (I know you won't do that again Jon...not to me at least)
•coming back to the studio with 6 weddings to sort and adjust... priceless!!!

Our cove.

Is it getting in you?


Our "crazy" 4 man Jet boat