Monday, June 23, 2008

Manhattan: Day 3

Equinox Gym was a key ingredient in getting this day off right.
Ira has a membership and I now have a 3 day membership to this deluxe workout center.
Ira led me along his workout and I ended up being really tired. Not only was I doing new workouts, things I don't do often, I was workingout in the morning and thats something I never do!!
Next was breakfast(yogurt,raisens,bananas and honey) then some work on the laptop, Apple store to repair my lame internet problem,Lunch at 5 9th, Walked in and saw Tim Robbins and Susan Serandon eating with their children. We ate a great lunch... best lunch EVER! Go to 5, 9th in the Meat packing district and order the beet salad. its worth $50, but only costs $14!
The rest of the day was spent walking around Manhattan shopping for clothes,a watch, sailor suit coat and something for my lady. I found instead a pair of NIKE's some slick stuff for my girl and a $5,900 watch I desire, but can only lust over... $5,900?? Wow! I can't find the watch anywhere online, otherwise I would show you. I'm in LOVE with this watch to! Wanna chip in so I can get it? Yeah, I thought not.
So this day was all about walking, eating great food, trying to shop and buy, but mostly just shopping. 
Ira had the camera around his arm all day, so here are a few shots he took.
Next up I need to post some pictures of Ira Lippke Studios: NY office, its smokin cool!

For now, I need to get back to picture editing!
Thanks for your comments and emails Ira,Warren,Billy and Tattooed Paddywhack, I love getting notes!

Heading to 5, 9th.

Ira swinging deals on the phone.

Here is where I start bragging with pictures of the 3 amazing restaurants we ate at.
I was capitalizing on the view(5, 9th)
Belshazzar in Soho. Awaiting the oysters and iced coffee.

Freemans, its Ira's favorite spot. I can see why.

Ira with horns behind him.

It was yet another great day. Accomplished alot, spent too much money and now I'm spent!
Goodnight! Gimme Coffee made me the best iced mocha I've ever sipped on EVER!!! Go visit them! Oh, I got some new shoes. Wanna see um?? CLICK HERE!


Tatooed Paddywhack said...

Hey Samuel,

Been checking the blog out for awhile now and wanted to give you some props. Your desire for community service is inspiring. Dig the photos especially. Survivor auditon ever work out? Anyway, keep it up.


Samuel Lippke said...

Thanks for checkin in on the blog, I appreciate your comments too! I hope to inspire others to get involved in their communities and help their fellow man, woman and child. Survivor ...hmmm, not sure how it works, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now.
Cross your fingers for me too if you want!