Friday, June 27, 2008

Back in Long Beach

Jason Walker(Perfect attire)

I missed it. It missed me. I missed her and yes, she missed me!
I'm back and everything is moving with ease.
Plenty of pictures to edit, I have my interns working hard at getting jobs worked on and I'm trying to balance a few upcoming events and trips, as well as ordering random things for my Godson and my nephews, oh and a new burner for cooking? (They don't make appliances like the used to)

NY was slick
, I enjoyed myself, I worked hard and I shopped hard. I walked alot and I breathed the subways humid dusty air. I stayed in the heart of Manhattan with my brother at the fancy new studio. I walked to the Apple store on 14th street with a hop in my step and I ate at the best restaurants in town.

I'm back in Long Beach now and I love it. The low key if you want it, or the fast paced if thats what you need. I love Long Beach, I'm pretty sure it loves me.

Highlights of my trip in order.

10.Working out at Equinox Gym w/Ira.
09.Being at the NY studio.
08.The Slice of Pizza I ate before leaving.
07.Shopping in Sojo with Ira. (American Apparel is my favorite!)
06.Eating at Freeman's & 5 Ninth.
05.Football with Ira in central park.
04.Photographing the Kennedy wedding at the top of Rockefeller center.
03.Finishing the shoot and having a cocktail back in the studio.
02.Talkin to my girl on the phone and bragging about all the shopping.
01.The Blanketfest in Central park, while listening to the NY philharmonic, sipping on wine and being with friends. (See images)

Ira shopping for the event in his "Gross" little grocery store.(No we didn't buy corn for the picnic)
More Jason Walker.

The sky during the NY phil's performance.

The gathering.

IRA-By S.Lippke
Firework show ending
I love this shot.

Thanks for journeying with me. It was a fun trip! I'm off to sleep now.


The Invisible Man said...

Oh, I clicked on the "next blog" button about two or three times and here is where I landed on. My first expression is you're a really interesting person and also funny (in a good way)

my blog is nowhere near as nice as yours, but if don't mind check it out and leave a comment, if you would. Here is the link:

Peace out,


Samuel Lippke said...

I love that next blog feature! Not sure how it works, but I've found some fun blogs like that!
Thanks for landing here for a visit!

I'll checkout your blog and see what happens. Cheers Mario!