Monday, June 02, 2008

My Birthday Party at The Standard

My birthday is on the way!
Help me celebrate by coming to "The Standard Hotel" in LA.
It should be an amazing night, filled with good people,music,food and drinks!

The Standard is one of my favorite spots in LA.
A great place to relax by the pool in the day and an amazing spot to go with your closest friends for cocktails at night (or day for some of you)
Heres a few images to temp you with. (Hopefully it'll make you want to join me and my crew!)
If you want on the guest list leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

I wanna come celebrate your day!!! and push your hiney in da pool

Michael Day said...

Lael and I will be there...

Samuel Lippke said...

Yes Corban7, there will be hiney pool pushin... thats why we're booking rooms and bringing extra clothes and super soakers and waterproof cell phones and cameras... you know, all the necessaries for being thrown in a pool.

Anonymous said...

You have a hot hiney for a lippke, speaking of hot I drugged D so I could take him to go and watch the new Sex in the City movie, thats a dirty movie, I needed a shower after watching that..dirty is kinda an understatement..

Bruce said...

hey fool
put me on the list plus one, maybe I'll bring someone and help celebrate that shiz!!