Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet Gina. Shes a BMW

Shes also a concept car... maybe just a brilliant one at that!
Its BMW's newest design. Its brilliant and scary at the same time...they do have something here though, I love that BMW will go out on a limb and design something sooo out of the ordinary...

This is an extremely light car, beautiful lines and a structure that reminds me of a fish. That isn't metal on the doors, its a really strong material. (not sure how thats going to work) Everything is designed perfectly, but its just a concept, I would be scared to have my car punctured or stained.
When you want to see the engine, you split the material down the middle of the hood with a remote.

(The name of the car has nothing to do with the way the hood opens OK, or does it?)

Watch the video and go HERE if you wanna know more.
www.thecoolhunter.net found this one for me.

I'll take one if they're light enough to coast on fumes, say 150 miles per gallon oh and if its fast. (maybe safe too?)

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