Monday, June 16, 2008

My "Standard" Birthday Party

Making dinner reservations

I promised more pictures! So here they are!
Thanks for the fun birthday party to all that came. Shout out to all of you:

Eddie,Karen,Libby,Amanda,Megan,John,Boz and Monique!
I'm sooo glad you all came! Also, thanks to all my friends that wished me well on Myspace,Facebook and texts! Thanks for the love!

BONUS' for the NITE:
Getting Audrey in.
Free ($12) shots
Ceasar's Grey Goose 750ml bottle
My newly found love of St. Germain Gin
Dancing under the bright stars
Mega rooms
Great friends
Sexy Breakfast the next morning.

Here are a few more pictures from my party at "The Standard Hotel, downtown LA."

Our arrival
The rooms made us excited... but we didn't want to anger our we kept it quite.

My girl.
Lounging by the pool.

Sometimes I stare at her. Can't you see why?

Ira knows composition.

Thanks Mom,Dad,Glory,Josiah and Ira.

Lippke Brothers Standard Part Dos!?

Audrey,Me, Brittney and Coleman

Britt and Cole brought me this shirt!

MY CREW! (L-R) Coleman and Britt, Audrey and I,Jasmine and Ralph,Ann and Ceasar.


Elevator ride

Rooftop dancefloor
tongue and Hammer Lines
Another picture!??
More to come when I'm less busy.

[After party not posted for legal purposes]

EXTRA EXTRA THANKS TOO: Audrey,Ira, Ralph, Jasmine and Ceasar for all your work and contributions.
Photo Credits: Ira Lippke, Cole Thomas, me, Ralph and Jasmine.

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