Monday, August 27, 2007 has some of my work published.
Check it out if ya wanna.
Keep your eyes open for when Ira and I are featured on this site... Sep. 2nd.


Off to bed, I worked 2 weddings this weekend.
I'm sore:
Legs, back, neck, wrists, stomache (Non-stop hunger?)
I'm a sad case right now... maybe I should slow down? NAhhh... Does my life ever come a slow pace?

I'll post something more fun and interesting sometime soon... keep your eyes open for some sweet crazy wedding photos!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting things in order.

This is me pondering different subjects in simple ways...if only it were all this simple...or is it?

•Life (making it more adventurous)
•Business (More efficiant)
•Relationships (cleaner, more innocent, less serious)
•Blog (new Skin)
•Pictures (New site partnership
•Travels (Hush hush trip brewing. Wignall you in?)
•Church ( is really starting to pick up speed, its exciting)
•Friends (I need to spend more time w/ya'll)
•Celebrity (Almost went to Hillary Duffs party tonight...she probably wouldn't have showed up though)
•Workingout (NO xplode works me out everytime)
•Ira (Expects alot, we need to be on Amazing Race together... he can take alot from me & vice Versa)
•Beer (I had the best glass of beer today w/Cole... "Blue Moon" 28.4ยบ F)
•Uganda (Need to make further plans)
•Bali (wish I could go to Scott's wedding)
•2:01 am (I need sleep)
•Ex (I Wonder how she is...miss her friendship)
•Famima (euro/Japanese 7/11 style convince store... it rules)
•Myspace (has been good to me)
•Snoopy (Tomorrow nite!)
•Spanish Wine (MMMMmmmm)
•2:03 (goodnight)

Which way to all the answers? huh? what? over there? shud up, your lyin!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pictures that don't make the cut.

Weddings have some crazy scenes... this is the area where I'll constantly post the weird shots... I've gotta do something with these shots and they for sure aren't getting into the Album! More to come...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beach Day.

I'm off to relax on this beach.
I've been working extremely hard and now I need a rest. When I get a chance, I'll post some "Fruit of my labor"

Have a wonderful sunday!


P.S. Come join me in Laguna if you feel up for a nice sandy beach day.

Incase you were wondering, I used the beach collaboration image (Above) as an email flier for MileTwo, which is my home church... check out their site...

Surf and Sand: Laguna Beach

I shot a wedding last night in Laguna beach, at the "Surf and Sand Reort.
Here are a few of the images. Enjoy!
A fun wedding where everything ran late, but the bride and groom were really chill.
Lisa and Geoff married August 18th, 2007.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Christy's Fashion Shoot

When Christy Williams asked me to shoot her, I knew we would walk away from the location I had in mind with little mini treasures that would inspire me in the future... I was right.

Heres a few little morsals of sick shots taken at my secret photo world.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm Back in Long Beach... Let the Games Begin!

Heres my update... I'll blog more if I have anytime tonight.

•I'm home from Warm beach, I was there 6 days. Shot a wedding (Isaac and Laurel's) met my new Nephew, Kaden. I Rode Josiah's dirt bike, went swimming for 7 mintues, played ultimate frisbee, ate good food, met up w/old friends! Justin, Ciara, Trina,Roger,Nathan, Damara, Zach,Coloray, Jenna,Kari, Matt, and all of my family! Got really sick (70 hour headache/flu/sore throat/lametown soreness everywhere!)

My favorite shot of the trip.

• I worked my self hard much studio stuff to catch up on.
•Ira's home from Africa...tons of beautiful stories told by images...check his website soon.
• I got my delivery of 5 bracelets from "Invisible Children" "Black is for Sunday" (don't shower with it...they bleed.)
•I have these events to Edit...(incase you or someone you wanna know is waiting on one of these)
... 1.Garrisi Wedding
2. Rock N' Reconstruct Shoot part A & B.
3. Majella and Nhien's engagement shoot.
4. Christy and Mark's Engagement shoot.
5. Christy's fashion/sexy as really sexy boots shoot.
6. Isaac and Laurel's wedding.

• I'm Hungry.
• My studio is toasty hot.
•I'm really bummed about the bridge falling... so lame. at least 79 people were injured... death count is still rising... so sad.

(pictures taken from today's