Monday, June 16, 2008

$6 a gallon?

If I could go back in time, I might just go with the full service. I wouldn't have a problem saying "Fill er up! 93 octane Premium Unleaded" But now???

Anyone else noticed gas prices skyrocketing? NO? Where have you been? Anyone ranging from 6-93 that knows what a car is knows just how expensive its getting to drive one. Gas prices have sored and reached a level no one in the US has ever seen (unless you took a jaunt to any European country).
Heres a few little stats about our lame gasoline situation.

Start thinking about buying a Smart Car. Helps stop pollution, save on gas, its sporty and fun! Plus the sport Smart Cars have a top that opens and closes at any speed!

Love this little thing!

A few other opinions:
•Raising gas prices effect Law enforcement and the Fire Department. CLICK for story
•Gas prices reach Record high. Indiana's Business News
• $6 a gallon? Neatorama

Around the Globe:
We're lucky in comparison to some.
•You think your getting robbed at the gasoline pump? Yes, our gas prices are extreme. but check this out!

View this map on the interactive page

This is gas prices from around the world. (June 9th,2008)
(I think these prices are w/o tax)
Belgium $9.07
France $8.70
Germany $8.90
Italy $8.89
Netherlands $9.95
UK $8.67
US $4.27

Things have changes since '96
Jan.1 2006
Belgium $3.95
France $3.93
Germany $4.07
Italy $3.89
Netherlands $4.32
UK $3.20
US $1.27

So whats next?
Should I invest in oil? Is it going up to $6? Beyond that?
One thing is for sure if it keeps going up, my kids won't be going to college on the pennies I've saved.

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