Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Its Official: I'm going to Ethiopia

Yesterday I booked a flight.
I'm going and its official.
After months of waiting patiently, my sister (The leading commenter on my this page, thanks sis!) and her husband (who is an amazing web-designer)finally got their court date and were cleared to pick up their 2 new sons in Ethiopia!
I bought a ticket so I can meet up with them!
I am so privileged to have the resources and availability to be able to invest in my family history in such a way... meaning, I'll be photographing the trip as best I can. It will be a photo project about adopting children from Africa. I am so excited with the possibility of incredible pictures! Meeting my newest family members excites me even more!

So happy!
I leave early in the morning after photographing a wedding with Ira in NY. June 22.
Keep me and my family in your prayers! I will be meeting my sister and her husband and my niece!

Photo:Miki Alcalde
(checkout his Bangladesh images...amazing!)

My sister tossed me that website. He's already inspired me for this next trip... Its fun to be inspired. Inspiring yourself often comes full circle until your dizzy with your own thoughts... its nice to have people like my brother and other people like Miki.

Photo: Ira Lippke

Plenty more posts regarding this trip on the way... especially after the 22nd.

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Anonymous said...

I'm leaving NOWWWWWW!!!!
I can't wait to see YOU!!!IN Addis!!!
Love Love Love