Monday, June 23, 2008

Clout Magazine

A few pages of my images are in Clout magazine, as well as a promo with my face. slick yeah?
Go pick it up. Oh, you have a question about the Anatomy part? hmmm...I guess you'll just have to pick up a magazine and find out...(I'm still not sure)
I thought I was going to get the cover shot, but some shot of ladies running down the beach with surfboards beat my images out...I guess I still have a way to go if I can't beat out that!I'm aiming now for a covershot on Long Beach Magazine and maybe a Press Telegram. Heck, why not W mag? haha! Dreams can become true.Frank's place looks great and I think the article turned out good. Frank Groff runs a very successful PR company in Long Beach, hopefully he and I can work together again in the near future.

Heres my face again. Are you sick of this shot yet? Ira, you get props for this shot.

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