Monday, July 21, 2008

San Onofre: Beach Day

Yes, yesterday I had a day off.
So I grabbed some of my favorite people, headed to the grocery store for goods and bolted down to San Onofre for a beach day.
Oh yes, it was much needed.
Non of my usual friends could make it. Or so I thought.
Heather and Eric showed up! It was so great to see them and just relax with them. Heather told me all about her wedding, which was sweet to hear about, cuz I'm in her wedding party as the bridesman. Why not have a bridesman? Heather is my sister and it means so much that she choose me for her side. I'm honored. So yeah, she filled me in on everything. Their wedding is going to be in 1 month and its going to be amazing!

I got some surfing in, I yelled at a few people, got cussed at for saving a parking spot, lost my wallet (temporarily),made some amazing cocktails,took care of my girl when she got sick and ended up having a fun beach day!

Heres some of the pictures. Thanks to Ira's new 24mm 1.4 lens.
The surf in Southern California is AMAZAING right now! Get out there!

Packing up the gear!

No surf rack.
Part of the crew.
Here I am getting the place put together. About to make some cocktails and chips and salsa.

First surf session in over a year.

My lovely lady and her big ol hat!
The future Trine family.

Ira and his cigar watching the sunset.

Relaxing and enjoying the view is all apart of a good beach day.
Next week's funday: AVP Long Beach!!!

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The Kitchen said...

GREAT pix - I love your blog!!!!