Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long Beach Photocontest!

Last January, I competed in a 24 hour photocontest. I ended up winning Best in Show and having one of the images published in 2 local newspapers. I also had the opportunity to win some cash, which is always nice for my addiction to good food and fine wine.
Anyways, my point being:
STARTING AGAIN TODAY! the contest starts up again!
For 24 hours starting TODAY, you, (the photographer) both young & old, pro or amateur, need to grab your camera and get ready to photograph Long Beach!
12noon Today (Saturday) to tomorrow (Sunday 27th) at 12noon!

Heres the details on this LINK.
Now go take some amazing pictures!
Photo Contest put on by CAT Justin Rudd's Non profit organization.
Oh! and the contest is FREE!

This isn't the winning shot, it was just a good op to put another image of Audrey.

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