Friday, July 04, 2008

Independance Day

Yeah, thats what today is. Its the day that we proclaimed we are a separate country, we can make our own rules, create our own flag, call ourselves the Land of the free and home of the brave.
July 4th. Its here. Remember our forefathers and honor them by lighting off some fireworks, or BBQing, or playing frisbee with your friends...heck, you can celebrate by lying on the beach with a glass of chardonnay for all I care, just celebrate!

I can still remember the firework wars we used to have on the 4th.
Growing up in the country (deep in the forests of Northwest Washington), I had relaxed parents and an Indian reservation near-by, which means I always ended up with the most deadly fireworks and firecrackers... this enabled us (siblings and neighbors) to reenact actual war... so we set up barricades, stashed 5 gallon drums of water (just in case things got really out of hand) and we continued to celebrate being free... and dangerous... Memories were formed, no one got too hurt, just an occasional bottle rocket burn on the neck, or an M-80 still ringing in the ears...For the most part, the only thing that stayed with me from those crazy times in the backwoods was wonderful memories and an even bigger appreciation for adventure and freedom.
With that said, celebrate today, celebrate responsibly and celebrate our liberty.


I'm off to photograph a wedding.

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