Saturday, July 26, 2008

We saw Stepbrothers

The stepbrothers themselves.
Yeah a bunch of us went and saw it.
It was just OK. Rated R. Cussing, Eff Bombs by the dozens, a few shock factor laughs, a few random Will Ferrell style one liners that will be around for awhile. But overall, my advice:
• Don't bring your kids or your parents.
• If you must see it, wait for it to come to DVD...
•Advice for Will Ferrell...We want a little closer to Anchor Man Will. We love you and your potential. You still have more potential...which is amazing!

Too many good movies out to watch a mediocre one on the silver screen. This is coming from the biggest Will Ferrell fan you'll find south of the Canadian border too!

Here are some images we took with Iana's camera. Iana is what most call "the Mini-Audrey" Shes adorable and fun, its no reason why they call her that.

We ate at Cafe TuTu Tango. Don't order their paella unless your extremely patient and or have 3 hours to spare. I had to cancel my order after waiting an hour. Oh and the tango dancer needs to go on my 300 diet.

Alright, its way too late to be sitting here blogging as if I'm getting paid for this.

Wedding tomorrow morning. Should be fun!

its 2:11...geeez, where did the world go today?

Here are some fun images from tonight you can munch your eyes upon... I would say "feast", but theres not enough.

Iana and I

3 of us getting ready ta get wild.
The ladies. (Tanya,Lei,Audrey and Iana)
Ben,Iana and I in the theatre passing 20 minutes by while shooting pictures.
If they were closer in age, they'd be close to twins. Oh and if they were sisters.

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