Thursday, July 17, 2008

MY Daily Candy

This is my time to tell you whats going down, without polishing my words too much, here is the rundown.

I'm sure all of you are just sitting in your home and offices dying to hear about what Samuel Lippke has been doing. In fact, I'm sitting here at my desk with a 23 inch monitor glaring back at me and I'M trying to figure out what I've been doing. Its been hectic! Its been exciting, scary, fascinating and even more AMAZING! Yes, these are all big words, used in trying to describe buying a home or a yacht, but bear with me OK.

The gear up, its gonna take some time to remember 16 special events from the last 10 days.
SO Here goes.

1.Weekend off from photographing weddings. I relaxed in the park and then photographed MAI•TAI bar at the PIKE (Haven't signed a photo deal with them yet, but I hope to sign a contract stating my efforts to bring them excellent photos for a cash value)

2. Coleman's birthday party, Ceasar and Ann's afterparty. (What better gifts for a man then a Flask and a good cigar?)

3.Dinner and drinks with Audrey and Dale, sunset at Mckenna's in LB. Picked model for Akualani shoot.

4.Met with (French) potential intern option. Was a quick meeting because we obviously couldn't work well together. (If you don't wanna learn, don't try to be an intern sweety.)

5.Photographed Justin Rudd for Long Beach Magazine. (See "Mr. Belmont Shore" post)

6. Photoshoot with my lovely lady. I dressed her all 80's, put her in some new leggings (Say hello to zebra print!!! My favorite of the last 3 months) She did great! See last weeks post.

6(a).Went to South Coast to help Ralph buy a suit. I found him one and its slick. I bought a ton of stuff too. New Arnold shirt, cyclist hat, T-shirts to match my 80's vibe.Movie night and editing, watched a movie with Jason Statman, had crown with the men out of our new flasks.

7.ROCK HONORS. Ceasar and I went. Met the Foo Fighters, The Who,Jack Black, Adam Sandler and Sean Penn, Of and the girl from that 70's show(Mila Kunis) Relaxed back stage with Incubus front man, played Rock band and listened to "The Who" perform. It was select. I pissed Jack Black off for congratulating him on his chest waxing incident from nacho Libre behind the scenes... He was stunned I had that kind of ammo on him. After party at the "W HOTEL"

8.Day with Audrey's Family. Thai food for her cousin's birthday, got to spend some nice times with Angela, here hilarious lil sister too! Angela's fun! Spent the eveing watching wackos at the Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade. Speaking of Audrey, shes going to visit and meet my parents for the first time next week!

9.Photographed Long Beach's Mayor's Cup Yacht Race near the Belmont Pier. (See my post, 2 below this)

10.Worked extremely hard on Monday, Got paid from La Creperie. Which means, my boycott is over (I boycott any place if they rip me off or if they just plain suck...Long Beach Town Center has been boycotted by me for 2 years now for horrible movie prices and no student or military discounts. Also Super Mex because they have nasty food, dirty bathrooms and horrible service....why waste time? La Creperie was a little different, they just neglected to pay me for a job I did for them 4 months ago... but its clear now...I've already eaten dinner there since.
Picked up and replaced Audrey's Catalytic converter. Thanks to Ben's connections, we could lift up the entire car and work standing up. Ben has been a huge help with car issues.

11.Shoot with the mayor "A day in the Life of Long Beach's Mayor" It will run on tomorrow. I followed the mayor around and photographed him for half of the day. Starting at 7:30.

12.Blue Whale shoot in the pacific ocean. Shot this morning, Jon and I went on a "Media" cruise that launched out of Long Beach's Rainbow harbor, cruised around and looked for the worlds most giant species... ranging from 80-90 feet long!!! I saw 6. (Images to come)

13. Worked some more.

14. Went to the ESPY's. Saw some of my favorite athletes (Derek Fisher) and least favorite athletes (Paul Pierce. I cringed 3 times when he walked past me) Justin Timberlake hosted. I have an even more obsession with Will Ferrell now! AHHHH! That man is AMAZING! He accepted Tiger wood's award for him, but acted as if he were made for some interesting phrases and quotes and an even bigger appreciation for the man responsible for my laughing abs. Also so David and Victoria Beckham(Audrey almost wet herself and fainted when she saw "Posh"), Eli Manning, Steve Nash,Kevin Garnett, Big Baby,a playboy bunny and a bunch of other wackos. The after party was filled with shrimp cocktails and X games style entertainment.
15. Tomorrow, a fashion shoot with AkuaLani and my WHOLE crew! Plus a model I'm looking forward to shooting with.

17.OH YEAH!!! Forgot a HUGE one. Last night I went to the fair with my closest friends (Although a few couldn';t make it, especially Ralph...bummer)
THE OC FAIR! Tons of fatting food to make you feel good and oily... corn on the cob was refreshing, even with cayan pepper. Never before had I paid $3.75 for a dinky piece of Corn on the cob (Contrast too 10x$1.00 growing up and that was for huge ones!) Good rides, scetchy people, free loot, fun with my favorites and my lovely lady. (Thanks for the pictures Courtney Fourtney)

So there you have it. I apologize if you've emailed and I haven't returned the message YET. It will happen! All of your pictures are turning out wonderful, I have a few good people helping me with my images, so everyone will remain happy! Plus the slideshows will be on their way shortly (June and Nery, Courtney and Scott)

Cheers to you, my readers!
(And ME getting some rest)

Adios for now.