Thursday, July 10, 2008

missile(s) huh?

the "real" image

I'm sure you saw it. (If not its right there...above)
I saw it about 200 times, on the news, on the front page of NYtimes, LAtimes, the local paper. The photo is everywhere! (And incase you missed it...heres the Story) (Not to mention, its now on my blog.)

I find it interesting how whoever edited this image wanted there to be 4 missiles and not just 3. Or is that really it? Did whoever edit the photo actually photoshop the whole thing??? I mean why else would they make it soo obvious that part of it was photoshopped? I mean who would call the bluff twice? (Besides me)
I think that this image is fake.

Your thoughts?
The breaking news image

I did some editing of my own as well. Heck why not make the whole world freaked out and use this photo all over the media? Its crazy how much our world is effected by media. How much of it is actually real and what percentage is manufactured for money?

This is my edit. Why not make it 9?

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allison inouye said...

ill try not to be one of those people that comment every single blog or picture..but this is comedy.

ive seen something like this before...where there was two of the same guy.