Thursday, July 03, 2008

These are Medieval Times

Tuesday Night was my good friend Brooke Keegan's birthday.
20 of the finest people got together at Medieval Times, were crowned, given front row seats for the jousting tournament, a feast to eat and beer to guzzle. As you can imagine, the noise level quickly grew, our Knight was wearing Red and Yellow and those words were the culprit's for everone's stretched and battered vocal cords.

Here are a few of my favorite photos I took with my Leica D-Lux 3.

Cheers to all of you that braved Brooke's party and our front row of wildness.
Props to Jon for leading the cheer.
Props to Brooke for being born.
Props to Jeannie for planning the event.
and of course, props to the props people and Actors in the show.
No props to the Green Night.

This is the narrator. Jon got yelled at twice due to random cheers for Red and Yellow during his monologues.


We thought he was going to win at this point.

Chicken Dinner, no forks needed...these are Medieval Times Jeannie, where'd you get the silverware?

Jasmine and Jeannie (yes, thats a bag with Silverware Jeannie is holding, shes always planning)

The White Lilac Ladies cheering for our Knight.

Our Knight Lost...


This was the crew!

Aaron and I, we're loyal to our colors.

Brooke is an amazing wedding planner/event designer, she works with Jeannie Savage and Michelle Weita, together they form Details Details, which is one of Southern California's top Wedding Consultant companies.

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