Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I love the 80's
I was born in the 80's
The 1980's brought us Cell phones, sweet boom boxes, the brightest colors and some of the brightest stars we've yet to see. (See Madonna,Prince,Michael Jackson, Mr. T, Bo Derek, Cindy Crawford,Michael Jordan)
This is my on going tribute to everything good the 80's brought us.
Chip in if you'd like, I always need photos and links, as well as tributes.
Sweet 1980's tribute page

Michael Jordan as an NBA rookie

Hulk Hogan and his manic(isms)

BoomBoxes to make you sweat.

Slick Tee's

The Movie "Breakin"
Acid Wash Jeans
Short shorts

Feel free to chip in with ideas! I would love to post some more images or tributes.


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Anonymous said...

This is what I remember about being a girl in the 80's
jelly shoes, leg warmers, jelly bracelets, cabbage patch kids, walk mans, long lilac coats with shoulder pads, dangly earrings, big bangs, stretch pants with stirrups, mix matching shoes, red high tops, my perms, listening to Madonna on the bus, singing girls just wanna have fun.
the colour maroon.