Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Shot at Lust

You may have heard of Tila Tequila, you may have heard she has an absolutely pathetic TV show called "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila"
I happened to watch part of this last night at my best friends house, if your not familiar with it, heres what I'm talking about....READ HERE.
MTV produces and Airs this show. Yes, we've all witnessed MTV's downfall from an all music channel that hosted up and coming artists and hits, to how it is now... Just have a watch...checkout this show and then weep for our country. MTV, you have reached an ALLTIME LOW.

In my opinion... and yes, my opinion (works out &) is strong. "A Shot at Love" is the biggest joke and the most pathetic show in History! Pure fabricated drama, 30 people fighting for the love of one slutty bi-sexual confused ugly pornstar/myspace guru/wanna-be pop star?... To make matters worse... shes in her 2nd season! Shes kissed every single contestant, its a game show about "love". Everyone falls in "Love" with her and hopes to have her "love" in return... its a pretty sad day when this is at the top of the ratings.

Tila, you should just stick to your myspace career, posting bulletins and showing up at events to promote your "music"... stay off the airwaves of TV, your making our country look pathetic.
How did "LOVE" get such a bad rap? Is it because millions of people watch rubbish like this on a regular basis? Change the name to "A Shot at Lust"

Help stop this show and others like it, its polluting our world so fast. DON'T WATCH IT!

I grabbed these quotes from another blog...

All these "love" shows are soooo stupid
flavor of love ... rock of love ... i love new york ... the bachelor ... joe millionaire ... will this ever stop? these are all the same shows with the same fake love stories and who really cares??? they break up when the show is over so they can have another season afterwards. its all for publicity
--Posted by cathy63573

... Its screwing with people's emotions and defiling the name of love. i mean, how dare they make love an ACTUAL game? eff that! but oh well, right? thats what mtv is all about, selling sex. if someone LIKES watching those shows, then go for it. i dont hate you. i still hate mtv though. OH YEAH! i think that shows like these are exactly whats putting our generation on the couch and outta the government's hair as it does what ever the hell it wants. brainwash the masses! kill your tv.

--Posted by lifeserene

I agree with both of you.

Love, L-U-S-T, Love.

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Shawn said...

i agree i watched the first season loosely. these shows are just ridiculous. She sets her self up for failure unfortunately.