Monday, July 07, 2008

Calvin Harris: "I Created Disco"

He's my favorite.
Its been about a year now since I started listening to the british Dance pop/Electronica star.
This guy knows what he's doing, but yet its so uncharted.
This is what I know about Calvin:

•He's 6'5"
•He likes girls, all kinds of girls. ("I like them Asian girls, mixed race girls,Italian girls,tall girls,short girls,brown haired girls, I like them blond haired girls, I like them skinny girls, I like those carrying a little bit of weight girls")
•He grew up in Dumfries.
•He makes songs that I could live off of.
•He wears bright clothes and glasses you can't see out of. (Or so it seems)
•He currently has the #1 song on the UK iTunes.

Alright ya'll, go check him out!

LISTEN to his music.
BUY his Album, its amazing!


Props to Heather... she's responsible for showing me Calvin, among many others...

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