Friday, November 14, 2008

L.A. Gear Flashback: "Sneak Peek"

Ok, so you think I'm going to far with all of these "Sneak Peek"s? Well maybe I am...or maybe I'm giving you a little peek into the future. Yes, I meant future...Because the past (as in 1989 and 1990) is coming back... every 20 years the style returns... whats next? L.A. Gear goodness, I'm excited!

When can I get my pair of these? And some shorts like those?
Who else likes L.A gear? Yeah, you guessed right... Mt.St. Helens Vietnam Band does. They just got signed today... which proves my point... the goodtimes are returning.

Light up shoes make hide and go seek so much more fun... basketball is amazing with flashing lights too

L.A. Gear shoes makes pumping 4 pound dumbells much easier!

Wear L.A. Gear apparel and BAM! You're popular looking like these young ladies.


d.cedillo said...

those girls are sooo embarassing looking, hahah. it's ridiculous.. but awesome at the same time.

denvy said...

They are back! Just like you said: