Thursday, November 13, 2008

Audrey's Gritty Shoot: "Sneak Peek"

Alright alright, so I'm not supposed to post much about this shoot yet. But I couldn't resist any longer!
Audrey's having her 21st birthday in a few weeks and what better time to do a fashion shoot for her invites then now?
She wanted something gritty, but high fashion, rough, but sexy, something that discribes her in one image. We ended up shooting at a few undisclosed locations with scary people all over the place, it was really quite fun. Audrey just about froze to death and we both came out of it as happy as ever. I wish I could show you my top 10 images... But I'll wait a few days until all of the invites are out.

So headsup! There will be more!
Whats that? You want a birthday shoot too?
Well goodnews for you, my weekends are clearing up with the passing of that amazing wedding season.
Birthday shoots tend to be about making a statement. Its like saying happy New Years to me.
Its a shoot designed to show who you are. Be quirky, or stiff in an awkward way... I have a few great ideas... my first 2 shoots for this will be half off...half off of $40,000. Haha, just messin. Email me.

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