Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What'd you call me?

Me: "Hi my name is Samuel."
New person: "Oh hi Sam, its nice to meet you, I'm Ellen"
Me: "Elley! Great to meet you too!"

Isn't that a weird dialogue? Both of us made it clear what our names were, but both of us diregarded eachothers wishes to be called by our introduced names.

So I figured its about time to just drop a blog about this... its gotten out of hand and its given me shivers down my neck for too long and especially this week.

Here's whats wrong:
People keep calling me a name I can't stand. Its my name shortened. its the wretched "sam". Its the name that you name your big fluffy back yard dog, its the name someone once gave their goat when they lived next to us. Its the name that has haunted me since I was a child.

I had a theory in gradeschool. The people that I don't like call me "sam" those that love me and I'm close with call me by my real name SAMUEL... that theory didn't last long, because everyone became quick enemies with me for using the 3 letter name.

If your name is James, do I switch it to Jim right away?
When you introduce yourself as Andrew, I don't switch it to Andy.
If your name is Robert, I don't assume you go by Rob.

I mean common, why try to shorten my name to this...If you want something shorter, give me a nickname, something endearing...or something harsh, I don't care what it is, be creative. So in the future, remember this post: My NAME is SAMUEL, sam might be a good name, you might know 100 sams, heck you might even shop at sams club... but when you're referring to me, its SAMUEL.

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jo-dilly said...

thanks brother! i love being down here with you! thanks for kicking my a#$ tonight in basketballl