Tuesday, November 04, 2008

At the buzzer

My voting booth. Did you know that a woman was running for president? I didn't either!

The end is near: I experienced it for myself. The feeling was if I tossed my last shot at the basket in the NBA finals, as if I drove my last lap in a race or even threw the last pitch in the world series but it was all for this 2008 election.
I sighed a large sigh of relief after I dropped my ballot into the electronic vote "gobbler" which of course is my code word for a small machine that calculates your entire voice in the nations future. As I walked out of the polling place I had a huge weight off of my shoulders, I have done all I can do to help bring about change, I've pushed people to vote for Change, I've made myself clear and donated hundreds of dollars to help this country... I had done it all and now I was finished! Was I finished though? It then dawned on me... This change we speak about has just begun, my work has just started, I have plenty more things I can do for my environment, for my community, for my family and my country. My Job has just begun. Your job has just begun.
Politics are dangerous. Politics can sway people away from really partaking in reality, as if we rely on the politicians to do all the work for us, we just need to place our vote.
I've been reminded once again, it isn't Obama and Biden, or McCain and Palin that will switch this country around, its you and its I.

I'm relieved to have november 4th finally here. I'm sick of political signs littering the streets and arguments and debates taking over my life. I can now (now meaning when we get the voting results) shake hands in truce with my best friends and blessed family who I've disagreed with for the past 10 months.

Of course I voted for Barack and Biden, they'll be exactly what our country needs right now...of course I'll be behind whoever becomes our next president, besides, before being a republican or a democrat or an independent party member, we're all Americans, American's that want change.

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