Monday, November 17, 2008

Southern California is burning!

This place is a smoke house. This weekend fires roared 20 miles from my studio. It was 90º+ and It felt like I was in a smoke filled sauna.
Take a look at these shots I took while walking out the door for San Diego.
My black car looks more of a Grey tint with this ash layer.
After breathing in toxic waste for 3 days and seeing ash float around like snow in the winter...
I have a solution for punishing fire starting piro freaks... burn them at the stake.
My Heart goes out to all those that lost their homes and their memories to the fires.
And Oprah who lost her home.
I'm complaining about air quility here, but I can't imagine what it would be like to lose everything... that ash we see in the air and stuck to our cars could be someone in Yorba Linda's couch.
Please take this time to help rescue efforts in neighboring cities struggling after loss of homes and property. find information on helping fire victims or to Donate Red Cross
If you are a victim, find out information to get back to normal with help. "Rebuild your Life"

Many of the Belmont Shore businesses hurt this weekend with the ash keeping people in their homes. Grab a mask and go buy stuff, its good for our economy!
The CSULB flag with the murky brown smoke clouds looming in the background.

Like a chocolate cake in the sky... layers of smoke over Belmont Shore.

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