Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eric's Groomsmen turn heads

Seems the hipster wedding internet blogging powerhouses are in love with Heather and Eric's Engagement Shoot and Wedding photos shot by Myself and Ira.

Way to go H&E, you're ushering in trends left and right. You're making the blogging world go wild with joy. Yes indeed, the Blogs are talking...

Just started reading this blog. Very impressed with the style...unique. Stoked to be on it, thanks for the newly awarded photo credit!

You've heard me drop good words about Kathrine and her amazing one of a kind inspiring wedding blog. She once again honored the Brother's Lippke with yet another great blog post...Yes, It is H&E making it happen again with their genuine unique style and quiarky antics. I love Snippet & Ink!

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