Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Canon Time: Can't wait!

Canon 5D Mark II.
I have one pre-ordered and ready to be owned by me.
Wanna know what it can do?
Either wait until I get one so I can show you...or go HERE and HERE for samples.

21.1 Megapixels?
HD video?
Self Cleaning sensor?
Full Frame?
New updated noise reduction?

I'm already getting giddy like an 11th grade girl going to prom with the varsity QB. or maybe like a marathon runner getting a sip of water at the end of a race? Either way, I'm excited and pumped and I'm feeling the heat... as soon as other people get their greasy little fingers on this camera, I'm going to have much more competition to get great images. Best digital camera yet!
Bring me the goods Canon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awwww you ......ass!, im jealous fool. ive been checking this baby out for some time, but i diffenatly dont have the money for it. i'll have to take a huge step down and keep my eyes on the D90 (12mps 24frames 720p HD vid) im almost done with the giving video, im having my friend take a look at it to make sure it flows well. I'll be seeing you soon man,

merry xmas