Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lose the flab, Run on Thanksgiving!

BELIEVE ME! You'll feel much much better when you eat pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving if you get the chance to run a few K's. Try 10 out for size and see what happens. Maybe you'll pass out...who cares! Its thanksgiving and there will be turkey and family and pumpkin pies waiting for you to come get out of your exhaustion coma.

So here whats going on and where to find info on running.
Believe me, its worth it... + like 4000 people dfo it, so it'll make the news and you can watch tyhat while your sipping on a thanksgiving beer.

I made this logo for it... cuz Justin Rudd is a good friend of mine and he puts it on every year. Wanna be like him? Start by running in his "Turkey Trot"


Will I run in it??? hmmm, I'm still debating...I like running like I enjoy driving home from Santa Barbara at 2 in the morning... yes, its quite the feat, but it was a 2 hour drive and I'm sleepy! Bring me to a basketball court and I'll hoop it up for 2 hours... but running? hmmm... maybe.

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