Monday, November 17, 2008

Erica's Dirty 30 "Sneak Peek"

Erica's 30!!!

Erica Hinshaw just turned 30 and she did it in style!
Celebrating with a "Dirty 30" theme, renting out the "Luce Loft" in Downtown San Diego, bringing in A band, A DJ, an incredible event designer, A great friend to help her out with linens (Brooke got the hook up from White Lilac Inc.), a caterer and myself to shoot the event!
I think she had a great time all night. Her and her friends are extremely attractive, so it made my job much easier.
Here is your SNEAK PEEK of her birthday bash. Enjoy!

All images will be put on a website for your viewing and ordering pleasures... but only if you get the password from Erica.

Location: Luce Loft. Event Design and Coordination: Lisa Kennedy.

How many beauties are allowed into one room? I think this is over the limit.

Brooke Keegan and I being extremely serious.

These 2 girls were sooo fun to shoot. (Girl on the right reminds me of Amanda Meza)

Special thanks to: Jason Diaz, excellent assisting,Brooke Keegan for lining up the night for me. Erica for the AMAZING hotel stay at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa

All images (over 1000) will be ready in 1 week for all of you that attended.

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