Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chad and Jamie's Wedding

favorite spot to shoot at the Marriot... directly in the road.

Last week I shot Chad Cordero and Jamie Moody's wedding.
An excellent group of people, some extremely talented Athletes (especially the groom who is a relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals).
The wedding and reception was held at the Laguna Hills Marriot. I don't like shooting there, but
I had a great time with everyone and ended up taking some amazing images. So there, take that!

Here's a look at some of my favorites.
Congratulations Chad and Jamie!


The "Moody" Godfather

Kurt Suzuki was one of Chad Cordero's Groomsmen.

Kurt Suzuki of the Oakland A's reacts during a toast at Chad's Wedding.

Chad Cordero and the new Mrs. Cordero on the dancefloor at their wedding

If your a Washington Nationals Fan, or just love Chad and Jamie, checkout more images of the wedding at "A Washington Nationals Blog"

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