Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picnic+Tennis+Movie Premier+Concert

This was the BBQ (Add 300 more people into background)

What could be better then all of those things in one day?
Here's some pictures from the day.
I'm so excited to see those people that really make life fun, interesting and exciting. A few of those include, but don't limit to...Heather and Eric Trine, Vern,Danny Simon,Denny and Mary Trine,Justin Rudd,Michael and Leol,Suja,Adam Sjoberg,Dave Hill and Scott Jones.
Alright, I've looked through all of the pictures. I've decided to post on 2 blogs.
The BBQ today.
The Concert+Movie Premier Manana.


Painting for days.

Scott Jones leads the "We Love Long Beach" Pack

Danny Simon making things happen.

Eric Trine heads up Arts and crafts.

Suja Lowenthal and Gary DeLong 3rd and 2nd District Council Members

I should have had my face painted like this.

Vitamin Energy Drink. Its what keeps us social all day and all night.

Thanks Vitamin Energy crew!

Watermelon keeps summer lingering.

Thanks firefighters for using your fire to BBQ our food.

Josiah is a good brother. He got me a burger.

The Ice Cream man was there too (Not pictured)

Danny Simon still making it happen.

Dinosaurs like to party.

lounging under the sycamore tree

Heather Trine, my perpetual model

Shot of the week.

shot of the week's partner image. Erics mobile.

Getting barreled.

getting shot out of the barrel

Thanks Energy beverages, Eric is now attempting to push the limits.

Thanks to... We Love Long Beach, 2nd and 3rd Districts Council Members Suja Lowenthal, Gary DeLong, Bro Futurists and everyone that showed up to make my pictures amazing! haha, good night everyone. I'm soo tired! Church Manana and the beach too!

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