Sunday, September 28, 2008


The Tijuana Panthers performed inside after the surf movie premier was finished playing outside.
A perfect ending to a wild saturday!
Shelter is a surf shop on long beach's hippest street: 4th.
Although Jo-Dilly and I (while trying to find parking) had run ins with people that should be locked up for a very long time. (Called eff words by one lady and then threatened to be shot by some dudes in their ugly car...Josiah just told them to try to keep up with us... not the smartest thing to mention...but they couldn't keep up, so good news all around.
Here, reap the benefits of our hard labor.

Thanks Shelter, thanks Tijuana Panthers and thanks Jesus we didn't get our heads blown off... welcome to Long Beach Josiah.

surf movie audience.

Vern and Melinda (Photo:Etrine)
Heather and I. Don't mess with us!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tijuana Panthers (Photo:Etrine)

Danny and Trevor could be brothers.

3 bloggers. ETRINE, ME, Adam Sjoberg

The packed loud/hot shop.

I love Obama too Adam...but technically thats my brother Josiah...just a picture of Obama on his shirt.

The ladies.

Taking self portraits in my car.

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