Monday, September 08, 2008

Santa Barbara Engagement Shoot

Saturday afternoon. After 2 hours of pure sweaty,competitive tennis and then a quick dive into the ocean. Santa Barbara was next and Audrey was coming with me!
I had an engagement shoot with an Engaged couple at the courthouse and then the Beach where he had proposed to her. They told me of a story of a walk on the beach, collecting pretty rocks along the way. After being frustrated for losing a compare the rock contest, he quickly pulled out the beautiful Engagement ring and said "I think this rock beats that last one"

I like good love stories like that. You have one similar or almost as good? Sweet, write a book. Or just have me photograph your engagement shoot. We can talk stories nearly the whole time!

After the shoot Audrey and I spent about 30 minutes trying to get the tar off of her bare feet. She had been walking barefoot on the beach and wasn't informed of a nasty oil spill... good ol' Santa B...thanks for keeping our planet clean oil riggers... I'm going to have to recycle twice as much now just to make up for you guys!

A better rock indeed. Heck, I don't even need to see the one from the shore.

After watching romance take place first hand for a few hours. I thought Audrey and I should try it out too. We had an amazing dinner at OPAL off of State St. I ate amazing Mahi Mahi with Mango and Audrey tried their paella. Sexy & Delicious!

Audrey strutting her sexy new haircut.

She's a magician when she kisses me... I smile!

My Audrey Armada on the Beach

The drive home was amazing a first, but quickly sizzled out while I fought fatigue for 2 hours after eating enough Mahi Mahi to make me want a nap. No nap on this drive least for me...Audrey slept like a small child...So at least one of us got some "oldfashioned child car sleep"
There you have it!

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