Friday, September 05, 2008

5 Years and Counting!

The 5 Year collage

Yes indeed, today marks California and I's 5 year anniversary.
It was Sep. 5th 2003 that I drove my 1989 honda Accord down here to Long Beach CA.
After hundreds of hours of hard work, millions* of amazing weddings, dozens of fashion shoots, plenty of crazy trips around the world, amazing friends, plenty of vitamin D from the suns rays, enough good moments to last 30 years. California, its been a good 5 years, I'm looking forward to you making me happy for an other 5.

I searched a few different places on my computer for some throw-back images from the years. Thats what I found. Click on the collage for enough blackmail shots of me without a shirt to last you until you're dead.

Here are a few of the collage shots upclose from the past 5 years. Enjoy a good laugh at my expense. Yes please, laughter is medicine... call me Dr. Lippke.

The young aspiring actor Samuel,2003

The fairbanks pool + the whole family.

Bali Indonesia,2004

Cabo 2005,

Florida Keys, 2005

My 23rd Birthday,June 2008

*not really millions. I just didn't want to say Hundreds twice in a row.
** Editors after post note**
The 5 year anniversary is actually October 5th, (not sep 5). Thanks mom for pointing that out. Geez, I hope I don't need my mom to tell me my anniversary when I get married.

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